True Love Waves

Posted by on Sep 3, 2008 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Today began in the usual way. David left for school, Rob left for work and I headed outside for my walk.

An unusual aspect was that Rob had to fly out of town on business and he had to be at the hangar by 7:30. He would be back home by late afternoon. It was one of those quick trips. As I was one house away from ours on my return I heard the company jet flying in the distance so I stopped to see where it was. It was close and I figured that if I could see it, then those on board (namely, my man) could see me. I base that on what the signs on the backs of those 18-wheelers say. “If you can’t see our side mirrors, then we can’t see you.” Anyway, what did I do? I stopped where I was and waved hard fully expecting that he would see me from a mile away in the hazy sky. I think I blushed, not because I probably looked odd waving in the middle of the road, but because I felt like I did when we were first dating and flirting. I had big butterflies. I finished the walk smiling while circling the cul de sac and came home.

I couldn’t wait for him to get home so I could ask if he saw me waving. His response when I asked was he didn’t see me but he saw the house. Oh well.

I know I waved and now you do, too! Be praying for my neighbors. They think I’m nuts.

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