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Well, it’s about time to pack up this topic for a bit.  I don’t want it to wear out its welcome.

Glad?  Shame on you.  (Just kidding.)

Sad?  No worries, this topic will be back.

After all, one of my hopes in blogging is to encourage you to get into the Word.  But, I don’t want to wear you out.  You have enough to practice with for a little while.

So, today’s post offers you time to write and me some time to read what you write.  Ahem.  Hint. Hint.


Psalm 119:105 says,

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Opportunity for Response:
Pick one of the following options and write a response in the comment box below.  I’ll post it after I read it.  Thanks!
As you’ve begun to practice some of the techniques for studying the Bible this week, what have you learned?
From whom have you sought out help?
How does the above verse fit in your life today?
What is your goal for the weekend regarding reading the Bible?


  1. I tend to let things here – my work, my kids, my house – guide my life. I need to remember to turn to Him and let His word guide me, no matter what the circumstances.

  2. I can relate to that too. We have much to do and to maintain. It can be a challenge to not only find the time to read the Word, but also to bend to the changes we see it stirring in us when we allow it to minister to us as we face daily life and the surprises that come our way.

    Thank you for posting.

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