Tu-tee Fruity One

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my a to z to You about Your Word

Elohim, Your Word:
   amazes me
      bends my will to Yours
         comforts me
            directs me
                encourages me
                   frees me
                      grows me up
   honors You
      initiates communication between us
         justifies holiness
            knows how to pierce to the core
               lingers in my soul
                  medicates my brokenness
                     never returns void
                        optimizes our relationship
   powers me to move ahead in trials
      quickens my heart
         removes barriers
            stirs me to act
                  utters truth
                                    vexes me at times
   writes on my heart
      exonerates me
         yields fruit
                                    zoOms in on my sin.
– Amy Dickson Ward
(Please don’t copy without permission)

Psalm 119 is full of the Psalmist’s alphabetical poetry of God’s Word.  Read it here.  It’s a lengthy one so you might want to read it aloud in order to pay attention to what you’re reading.  (That’s a good study technique, by the way.)

It was my inspiration to write that alphabetical Psalm of my own about the Word of God.

Continuing on with the last topic of “Do You Want to Be Tutored?”, today’s post highlights the first  step in securing help.

In reading Psalm 119, the fruit gleaned from the Psalmist’s time spent in God’s Word is so apparent, isn’t it?  Wouldn’t it be great for there to be some fruit from your time spent there, too?  You know…”Tu-tee fruity”?  (Sorry.  Bad pun.  It’s Monday.)

I am talking about fruit like this:  understanding what you read, seeing its vast riches and benefits, seeking and finding resources that can help you grasp the material, applying the fundamental timeless truths, and hungering for more of the Word.  Don’t you want that?  My prayer is for you to want that and more!

When I was in first grade, I had trouble learning to read.  My parents enlisted the help of a tutor who taught me the basics of phonics and for their help, that of the tutor and her phonics flash cards, I am most grateful!  I love to read and study.  Without reading, I wouldn’t be very useful at my spiritual gift of teaching, obviously.

Like recognizing there was a problem in my grasping reading, we who struggle through Scripture have to recognize that there is a problem there, too.

So, the first part of understanding Scripture is this:

  1. Recognize you have trouble understanding it.  How profound.  (smile)

If you admitted you have trouble understanding it, good for you!  Come back tomorrow for more on this topic of Tu-tee Fruity.

Question for response:
In the comment box below, write your own acrostic about God’s Word.  I’ll post them after you leave one.

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