Tu-tee Fruity Three

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Are you a bit squirrelly when it comes to reading the Bible?  Do you feel a bit nervous, jittery, restless, or nutty?

Have no fear!  It is possible to get past those jitters and have fewer incidences of darting about the Word as if winter is coming and you have way too much to do before you can sit still.

Being a bit hyper myself from this morning’s rounds of coffee during quiet time, I am just jumping right in today where we left off yesterday.

For the review and then the new step to understanding the Bible:

  1. Admit you don’t understand it.
  2. Seek help.  That’s the review, and now the new…
  3. Do your part.

What!  Really?  Me?  Yes, really.  Yes, you.
What did you think?  Your tutor would do it for you?

Where to begin?  At the beginning.

Pray when you open it.

Read it.  Then read it again.  Read it a third time.  Read it out loud.  Read it in a new translation.  Read a paraphrase.  But, read it.

Read it with a purpose in mind.  Ask questions as you’re reading it.

What is the context of this book?  (Read those beginning pages of the book you’re reading in the study Bible at the “history” section and find out.)  
   What type of literature is this?  History, poetry, prophecy, or a letter?
      Who is the author?  What is he saying?  To whom is he speaking?
           Why is he writing/saying this?  What is his purpose?
   What does this verse mean?  How does this verse relate to the next one and the one after that? 
   What does this verse mean to me?  How can I take it and apply it to my life? 

Read it slowly.

Read a verse, then the next, then the next…

Before you know it, you’ll be developing some good Bible reading skills and then applying what you read to your daily life…bearing some awesome fruit from your time spent honing your study skills.  Like gathering acorns in the fall for the winter to come, you’ll have some serious Word acorns of your own to last you a harsh season or two.  Talk about fruit!

Yea for you!

You can do this.  Bible study takes practice.  There’s no time like the present to begin.  So, grab your Bible and open it up to Psalm 119 and read the first few verses purposefully.

Question for response:
What type of literature is it?
What is the author’s purpose in writing this?
To whom is he speaking?
About what?

Don’t be shy…please leave a comment.  Thanks!


  1. Thanks Amy. I am trying to get more disciplined. This is very helpful. Thank you for allowing God to use you and your gifts to help those of us who struggle with study.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Marty. I am glad this series is helpful to you. I wasn’t really sure how o word it and hope it’s not too tedious sounding.

  3. That should be “how to word it” up there.

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