Twenty-four Years

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I have loved him a long time.

Rob and I celebrate 24 years of marriage today. 

I cannot imagine life without him.

How he can put up with me at times is beyond me.  God shows me often what unconditional love, grace, mercy, and acceptance look like by my husband’s unwavering commitment to me in all the aforementioned attributes he exhibits and so many more. 

Who else would tell me within the last week as I’m standing in front of the bathroom mirror in my outfit for the day but nothing on my head yet, while putting mascara on my remaining eyelashes, that I am beautiful (even though I have argued with him over that so often in the past, just not so much since March)?  I said, “Thank you,” this time and tried not to cry.

Who else would say that the sound of my breathing while I fall into a heavy sleep at the end of the day sounded wonderful?

Who else can finish my sentences when he knows the coming words and also knows to be silent while I struggle to find the words these days to complete my own sentences?

Who else knows that my silence in the car means I need a reassuring pat of my hand with a lingering hold because my thoughts are too heavy to speak?

Who else would put the hairdryer on cold air and blow my “hair” just so I can cool off from a chemo-induced hot flash?

Who else would work hard so I could live my dream of being a stay-at-home wife and mother?

Who else would I lip sync, complete with hand motions, in the car for just to hear his laugh and watch his eyes sparkle over my silliness?

Who else would love my sons as much as I do and enjoy each phase of parenting them as much as I have?

Who else?

No one, except the man who I stood with and promised to love and honor in sickness, health, poverty, and wealth until death do us part.

So much can happen in 24 years.  Through it all, God has grown us up and grown us together in Him.

I am so thankful for God’s gift in my husband.


  1. Amy, what a beautiful tribute to Rob and your marriage !!! I so wish that I was as GREAT with putting my thoughts on paper as you are!
    I pray that this anniversary will be the most wonderful so far AND the HAPPIEST !!!
    Happy Anniversary to a very special couple!

  2. Pass the tissues, please!

  3. Sister, I cried and typed, too. Ellen, thank you for your blessing for us.

  4. That is so sweet.

  5. Amy – congratulations to you two. Rob IS a very special guy who is married to a VERY special gal.
    Love to you both…….Molly

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