Twenty-three Years Later: a Happy Anni-Fathers Day-versary!

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I normally don’t post on a Sunday, but today being Father’s Day and all, I have a bit of free time on my hands. A nap is sounding really good right now. Both sets of parents came over for lunch (pan-seared salmon on a bed of greens with tomatoes, corn, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, and grated coconut). I was going to do a more fancy meal, but it is JUST TOO HOT! Lord, help me. Now our company has left and Rob and Robert have sequestered themselves in the den to watch some more of Winds of War that we have on dvds. David left early this morning for a mission trip to Ashland, KY with some of the youth from church. Pray for their safety while they are away. Pray for them to be willing to minister to these people they have gone to serve.

Today was not just Father’s Day around the Ward house. It was our anniversary, 23rd to be exact. I think it was just as hot that day, too. Rob and I went out for a nice dinner last night to celebrate.

Over lunch today, we sat around with our parents and reminisced about our wedding day. It was a sweet time. We are blessed to have both sets of parents around to share stories and meals together.

I find much to celebrate 23 years later; a day that has been nothing like the day I told that man (who looks like a child in our wedding photo), “I do,” with all the confidence of a professional wife. People in the back of the big sanctuary heard me say it and I had no microphone. I was ready to be this boy’s wife!

Here are a the blessings just from today:

  • the legacy of two boys who make us proud everyday (one on a mission trip this week and one who is preparing to answer God’s call into ministry of some kind).
  • both sets of parents able to break bread with us today and who all chipped in to send us flowers yesterday that look so much like our wedding flowers I wanted to cry when we got them.
  • God’s provision in Rob’s job that puts food on our table, gas in our cars, air conditioning in our home, and a washer and dryer that is cleaning my clothes as I type.
  • the evidence over and over of God’s goodness in bringing Rob and me to each other when we were so young.
  • a husband who thinks I’m beautiful even though I look nothing like I did the day we married and I beat myself up over it way too much and yet, he says I’ve never been more beautiful.

Well, I have some more to share with you, but honestly, my eyes are drooping over this posting. I’m calling it quits for today.

It has been a wonderful (and stressful sometimes) 23 years of God continuing to grow us up in Him and teaching us what marriage and family are all about. God, You are awesome and I thank You for the gift of Rob who is a wonderful husband, friend, and father!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you~
    Happy Anniversary to you;
    Happy Anniversary dear Amy and Rob
    Happy Anniversary to you!

    I meant to do this yesterday and got caught up in Father’s Day and not the computer!

  2. You’re making me cry! You chose well! I remember helping you pack for the honeymoon. Good times! Love you both!

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