U is for Under

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PreviewI haven’t lived in a house that had things (like house innards) under it except for two, one as a child in my parents’ house and one as an adult. Neither of those had a walk in portion so in order to get to the furnace or plumbing lines there was some belly crawling involved.

This new-to-us house has a walk in basement that leads to belly crawling space.

Color me scared.

Think Auntie M’s storm cellar. Think of spiders, and darkness, and dirt, oh my!

The men all think it’s cool! I don’t understand. They enter it and walk around flipping switches overhead with strings that connect in some kind of electrical discovery system. I stand at the door and ask if they’re okay. What I hear back is their exclamations of how awesome the space is. Did I know there’s a workshop with benches down there? Uh, nope. I don’t venture too far under there.

Back at the beginning of our life here (almost two weeks ago now) I had a run in with our cable guy. Seems he’s not of the same under the house guts appreciation as my men. He was supposed to move two outlets to two different walls. That was going to require going under the house. He was not prepared for that kind of install and blamed it on poor communication between me and the person in their office. I took offense to that because I took names and I took notes with the promises of work to be done and the prices involved. I made it clear there was going to be under the house work.

I learned that even a big grown up guy may not like the idea of belly crawling in someone’s basement either. So while he was stalling at his truck looking at the orders which were in teeny print on his phone’s screen, I was on the phone with the company ratting him out because he was going to leave and resubmit the orders.

Embarrassing? Yes, kind of. Because as I was on the phone with the company, they called the installer’s boss who got on the phone with him and told him he wasn’t going to leave until the job was done because I had ordered the moving of two outlets.

Talk about awkward. He came back to the front door and said he was going to get it done, but that he’d called a friend of his off another job to come over and go under the house. He seemed a tad peeved with me that I’d notified his company but I told him I had to make sure this thing got done. (For the love of my men who were looking forward to the SEC games the next day, I could not let them down).

Yep, under the house. I try to not think about it and try to not go there. If I could, I’d blink my eyes and magically the space would be clean and pristine with no webbing of wires and plumbing pipes. The workshop would be closer to t31daysmovinghe door and it’d be less damp down there.

If I could. I can’t, so I live above it and my fear of what lurks under there. And I hold my breath as the plumber comes over to go under and the heating and air guy inspects the furnace down there.  As they exit like some lunar landing from the mother ship, I cheer them on for their courageous spirit to go where this woman would not and they look at me like it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread!

But that day with the cable guy? Well, my soul was uttering all kinds of disgruntled comments about his stalling on the install.

My spirit thinks that basement is a lot like me before God got a hold of me and tells me I should thank Him for cleaning me up through the power of Jesus’s salvation work on the cross because without Him, I’m a scary tangled mess that God couldn’t reconcile. Hallelujah He didn’t stall on installing a new heart and the Spirit in me. Through His ultimate grace, I’m an overcomer!


  1. Hahaha…you crack me up! Great post today! 😀

    • Glad to make you chuckle! : )

  2. Great analogy. We are blessed beyond belief. So thankful God is not scared to tackle my cobwebs and dirt. Thank you Jesus for loving dirt

    • Thanks, Donna, for stopping in to read and leave a comment. I’m grateful for His ultimate cleansing power, too. : )

  3. Well, my dear, I had gotten behind in reading your blog, which is actually quite precious to me. All these years gone by, and there you are, still you, coming off the page. All I can say after reading “D” through “U” in all one sitting is . . . I’m homesick. I’m homesick for Amy. And I must remedy that somehow soon. You are a blessing. Your heart as sweet as ever, your intentions pure, and your honesty refreshing. Your walk with Jesus is so real and intimate, and your expressions make me smile, remembering your sweet sayings encouraging my heart in a corner dorm room where the sun shone in and living with you was just so comforting. It frustrates me a bit, actually, because after reading “you”, I feel like I should be able to just get in the car and hop on over. I’ll bring the muffins. You’ll put the coffee on. We’ll sit and chat. Miles are unfortunate things. But I am thankful right now for Facebook and Blogs and reconnections! I’m gonna figure out that trip to Columbus, though. I just gotta! Lotsa Love, Becky

    • Sweet Roomie,
      I love your kind and encouraging remarks and your sweet memories of a blessed time in my life. Just the other day, I was sharing with our pastor how God used my (favorite) college roommate to teach me about loving the Lord and living it out in quiet times and so much more. Were your ears burning? Yes, let’s get together and I’ll even provide the muffins AND the coffee! I’m going to check my calendar and get some dates to you. I can’t wait! Loving you right back!

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