Up and Down

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The New Orleans saga continues.  It occurred to me after rereading the post from yesterday that you might  think that all we did was eat.  It’s true.  Just kidding.  Although I must tell you that coming away from such good food for a couple of days in a row is sad.  I’ve been “good” with the food intake since returning home but I really enjoyed being served by excellent waitstaff and taking advantage of fabulous chefs.  If only I were taller.  Sigh.

I did figure, however, that for all the consuming of grand cuisine, our walks about town were burning up the calories.  At least, I hope so.

That leads me to our first day there.  Dressed and ready to go, we headed out of our hotel door, onto the elevator, down to the lobby floor where we exited the elevator.

We decided to cut through the lobby.

I was confident.

A year ago on that day, I was waiting for the green light to begin my chemotherapy.  A lot can happen in a year.

Life couldn’t be better as I was filled with thoughts of beignets and cafe au lait.

Favorite sunglasses in hand, I opened the door to the shiny lobby. It was shiny because it was freshly mopped.

Yep.  A lot can happen in a split second, too.  You got it.  I took one step into the lobby and the next second my view was eye level with the floor and the ATM that was inches from my head.  My sunglasses were in two pieces.  Permanently.  They weren’t $5 either, of course.

Isn’t it odd how when you fall it seems to be in slow motion?  This time for me, was up one second and down the next.  There was no slow motion.

So, that leads me to my point for the day.

Sometimes, we just move through life so smoothly.  Then, all of a sudden, we are caught off guard and our feet are yanked out from under us as we go from up to down, upright to upside down.  “BAM!”  (Yes, we saw Emeril filming a segment in the middle of Bourbon Street and no, he didn’t say that.)  We can be left looking wide-eyed and shaking our heads wondering how life could have taken such a turn.

Some people experience life like this more often than not.  Others move through life smoothly most of the time.

What we all have the opportunity to share in common is the source of our stability.  Even when our worlds get shaken as the norm or not, we need a steadfast rock that doesn’t change.  We need a foundation that is unshakeable.

That’s Jesus.  He’s the one that reaches down to help us back up.  We have to reach out and take His hand.  He helps us back up, cares for our hurts, and motivates us to take the next step in His direction.

So, if you are experiencing a down time in your life, my prayer is that you’ll look up and reach out.  Do you recognize Jesus nearby waiting to help you back up?

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  1. Amen Sister!! Don’t know what I would do without my unshakeable Foundation.

    I hope you enjoyed all the wonderful food from New Orleans. That is my fondest memory of New Orleans is the food was the best I have ever had on vacation.

    Hope you are all better from your fall and it did not slow you down.


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