Update on the Job and the Calling

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After running into a few friends this weekend, it occurred to me that I needed to update the latest on my husband’s job situation.

God has provided a job for him and we couldn’t be more excited, thankful, and relieved.  He was offered a job in corporate communications at a company right where we are so we won’t have to move.  He’ll begin in a couple of weeks.

So, for now, I’m going to continue enjoying having him home.  It’s been a sweet time to go on walks together, spend time together during the day, and drink our morning cups of joe slowly while we have our simultaneous quiet times.  I told him the other day this was an opportunity to make the most of this time before we are old enough for retirement.

Speaking of retirement, this is just a reminder that there is no retirement in the kingdom of God.  I need this reminder.  Lately, I’ve been asked to “come out of my retirement” from teaching Bible study this year and pick it back up, which I have planned to do all along.  When I said I wouldn’t teach this year, that was back in he fall and I had no energy or concentration to do it.  I sensed God’s leading to take the winter and spring of this year off and announced I would do so.

I had chemo to finish, radiation to go through, and low and behold, a husband to stand by as he walked through our latest challenge.  My mother is preparing to have her other knee replaced soon and our oldest will be marrying in May.  Life is busy.

I was asked to lead a Sunday morning class at our church during Lent on the book of Matthew.   Our church will be studying it all together during that time.  I believe it’s time to take that on and build up my teaching muscles in preparation for the fall when I’ll resume with Isaiah, part 2, finally, barring anything else the Lord finds necessary to teach me/us.

Also, there is such a need for evening studies for working women.  I keep getting asked about that, too, and I’m praying what God would have me do.

Now, my challenge to you is this.  If you have the spiritual gift of teaching and/or exhortation, are you honing the gift and using it in the body of Christ?

Finally, if you could study anything from the Bible, what would you choose and why?


  1. Thank you for the update! God has been working and I am so thankful that Rob has a new job. He’s given you a “vacation of sorts” to be still, know He is God and to enjoy the gift of a Christian marriage and family without without some of the distraction (bumps in life) that you have lived through for the past year. Lou Anne from PM

  2. So thankful for answered prayers! Glad Rob has a new job and one that is in Columbus!! 🙂
    Much love

  3. Celebrating with you for the latest of God’s gifts – Rob’s new job and time to rest together this month! Regarding your return to teaching…oh how I wish I could participate via satellite!!

  4. Thank you all for sharing our thankfulness. SDG!

  5. Amy and Rob! So thankful to hear of this new job opportunity. Just makes me tingle to think of the previous concerns and the amazing future. Blessings!

  6. Thanks Be to God for another answered prayer for the Wards family !
    Ellen Cameron

  7. I think I would like to study the book of James because I want clear insturction on living the Christian Life.

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