V is for Visit

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PreviewI am itching to have people over for a visit! The front porch beckons and curious friends want to see our house on the hill. A part of me wants to celebrate life on the hill. Another part wants to rest. There hasn’t been much rest since the move.

I have a few things to tend to before having company over can happen without fabric strewn over chairs to prevent wrinkles as I make window treatments and a bed skirt. I’m taking advantage of any long and flat surface for cutting and pinning.

Wherever fabric is laid out, our dog Beans thinks it’s an invitation for sitting and overseeing. She visits me while I work and when I move to another spot whether for sewing or ironing, she attends me as if she is my apprentice.  Such a faithful little friend is our dachshund. I can’t imagine her not being here.

This house beckons the curious friends and family to come and sit now that boxes are unpacked and most things are in their new spots for vignettes that may encourage rest and lingering over cups of coffee or chilled tea.

My invitation just hasn’t been extended to all yet, but family will grace this place this weekend for a baby shower making it the inaugural event of our social life here. I’m looking forward to their presence and their exploring this place between visits with one another over bar-b-cue and side dishes that call for second helpings while dining al fresco (weather permitting).

We will see how this house receives her visitors and we will figure better ways to help the flow along next time.

My soul has been vexed in being busy with preparing the house and wanting to be still as if nothing is going on whatsoever. Yesterday’s sewing all day at home was therapeutic and assisted me in feeling a little more the victor in catching 31daysmovingup on some things. In a quick look at a table in the sunshine through the window, dust has landed and the kitchen sink needs a little scrubbing. Already? Yes, it has been two weeks (tomorrow) and housework never stops growing. It moved with us. I need to get my routine established here.

My spirit is reminded even more to be attentive to God’s vigilant promptings to take time to rest and to look after myself. Stress is not my friend. Is it anyone’s? But, sometimes, I can get used to going and going and I need to stop. Busy moments add up to hours and it seems my resting moments are just a whispering vapor of one breath let out after breathing in before hurrying up to complete the next task.

A visit with paper and pen to plan cleaning tasks  and to set dates on the calendar for friends to come over is next, but first, I need to take a minute and visit with God. What about you?

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