Voices – Chapter 5 – A Woman After God’s Own Heart

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After reading and writing about chapter 4 from my perspective of true womanhood in yesterday’s post, I read chapter 5, which was written my Janet Parshall, a dynamic author, speaker, and radio host.

I had made a comment about my calling in this empty nest season of life being that of more fervent prayer for my children.

God’s timing…I have to chuckle, because in this next chapter, Janet shares the importance of being a praying woman by sharing the life of the biblical Hannah as she prayed fervently for a son she so desperately wanted.  Similar in style to Nancy’s telling of Esther with application mixed in, Janet retells Hannah’s story and ties the application for true women today into the weaving.

Her opening question, “Can the prayers of a praying woman affect the course of a nation?”, is answered in this chapter.

When I reached the part of the story where Hannah “wept bitterly” regarding her deep distress over the lack of a son, I thought of my own bitter tears before I began chemo and was so disturbed of soul that my breath was hard to catch as I prayed crying out to God.  Eventuallly, my prayer became a whispered cry, “God, I trust You.  God, I trust You.”

At another point in the telling of Hannah’s story, I was reminded (and the timing was perfect) that my sons are not mine.  They are God’s.  They have been on loan to Rob and me, but they are not ours to keep.

Although it may seem the gist of this chapter is about being someone’s mother, it’s not just about being a biological nor adoptive mom.  She reminds us that we are all spiritual mothers to someone and prayer is a vital part of all mothering.

Rob and I have an “adopted child” through Compassion International.  His name is Paskali and he lives in Africa.  We send financial support to him and we write.  But more than that, I pray for him.  Just as my own sons have, he also has a page in my prayer journal where I jot down the burdens of my heart for him and others.  I kind of hope my prayers for his safety and nurturing, fresh water, and clean shoes are vital prayers God lays on my heart for one I may never meet this side of heaven.  I pray more for his relationship to Jesus than I pray for his grade in art class (which it seems is one of his best subjects).

So, this chapter is profound for those who mother others.  We need to be on our knees fully devoted to God in prayer as true women.

I also wanted to share with you a link to a favorite prayer ministry’s site.  One day this week, I received via email their weekly edition that is always useful.  Coincidentally, this week’s was a guide to praying for our children (biological and spiritual).  Here’s the direct link and I hope you’ll print out a copy to keep on hand.  I know I am.

As always, click on today’s title for the link to the True Woman blog and read another’s perspective on the same chapter in the Voices book.


  1. I love your comments today, Amy. You have touched me in a very deep way. Sending hugs and kisses your way.

  2. Thank you Amy! That cute card you made was too much. Thank you!