Voices – Chapter 6 – Choosing Faith in Seasons of Change

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This chapter’s author is close by.  Karen Loritts lives in Roswell, GA where her husband is a pastor.  They have four grown children and seven grandchildren.

As the chapter opened, I was a bit too surprised to think it was going to parallel my recent activities of moving both boys off to their respective colleges and finding myself learning to figure out the empty nest.  While Karen began her chapter with the telling of being prepared to move their fourth child out of the house and off to college, I was surprised to read her candor as she shared her story of an emotional breakdown.

Her story offers hope to many who have lived under the influence of fear that came as a result of loneliness and feeling alone to the point of a breakdown or pretty close to one.  Anyone who has ever had to deal with fear will find this chapter to be a cathartic read.

She briefly details 10 buddies of fear and offers Scriptures that ministered to her during her time of crisis.

Let me remind myself and you that God doesn’t waste a crisis.  He will allow it to grow us spiritually, emotionally, and also get us to a point of vulnerability where our crisis can actually be useful in comforting others going through the same thing.  Have you seen this play out in your own life?  I know I have.

As the chapter winds down, Karen offers six beneficial points of coping with such a crisis of fear by expounding on James 4:7-10.

Her “autumn” got off to a rough start, but through God’s grace and mercy she has come through it and is a vessel of help to those who may have walked a similar path or may even be headed that way.

God doesn’t waste a crisis.  Remember that.

Hug yourselves.  Here’s the link to True Woman blog if you would like to read more.

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