Voices – Chapter 8 – Leaving a Lasting Legacy Through Prayer

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Although I have never met Fern Nichols, I can honestly tell you that she has had an impact on my prayer life.  Fern began with just one other mother to pray for their children in school.  From that duo an international ministry began; Moms In Touch, International.  Although this chapter doesn’t expound on that ministry, it does stress the importance of being women of prayer for others.

Can you think of someone who’s prayers have been significant in your own spiritual journey?  Are you the result of someone’s lasting legacy of prayer for others?

Those two questions summarize the gist of this chapter.  Are you the effective pray-er for others (your own or not) and will there be lasting fruit from the hours you have spent on your knees on behalf of others in prayer?

Fern addresses prayer from four aspects: praising God, confessing sin, thanking God, and interceding for others (self, too).  Time in prayer is not time wasted.  She also expounds on the value of using Scripture to pray back for others.  Corporate praying with others on behalf of others is a vital part of this chapter and the MIT ministry.

While this will be the second chapter on prayer in this book, I think it’s vital that true women understand the value of being women of prayer for our children, for our families, for each other, for our communities, churches, our nation, and the world; for the lost and the saved; for the persecuted and the protected; for the driver at the red light next to us and the friend we share coffee with.

She also reminds us that having and keeping a prayer journal is a great way to go back and praise God for answers to prayers prayed.

Those of you familiar and/or active in Moms In Touch group will read familiar words that will encourage you to be back in the business of prayer.  There is never any time off from it, is there?

Finally, for whom are we modeling this legacy of prayer?  It’s not to flaunt it before others, but it is to express the importance through discipling others in this practice of prayer.

As always, click on today’s post title to read more on this chapter from the True Woman blog.

Don’t forget to pray up.

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  1. Hug yourself Amy !!!

    This chapter is right on target as I know in my heart that my mother, grandmothers, aunts, etc. have prayed for me. My aunt is 88 yrs young as we talked last week is still praying for all of us!!! Would not be here today if not for the praying women…As the old folks use to say “somebody prayed for me”!!! Printed the prayers and gave 1 to my nurse as she has 2 sons…

    Thanking the Holy Ghost that you are having a great day!!!

    Hug yourself Amy!!!
    and 1 more Hug for the Holy Ghost!!!

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