Waiting for MRI Results

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Tuesday, I had the privilege of being the first official patient to try out the new Breast MRI machine at the St. Francis Breast Care Center for Women.  It was much like getting into a position for a massage, but minus the massage.  After donning earplugs and head phones to block out the noise, I was pushed back into the MRI unit with an emergency ball for squeezing “help!” in one hand and the dye tube draped over the other.  Face down and praying I would not cough or need to scratch any itch, I endured the noise that sounded at times like gunfire or deep church bells.  The MRI lasted about 45 minutes.  I admit that towards the end I was growing a bit panicked.  Having no silence made it rather difficult to pray but I attempted. 

Before getting onto the contraption I told the team of four women who would be assisting that day that should they be able to read the pictures, I knew that nothing was going to show up…nothing cancerous.

At the conclusion of the MRI, Rob and I left and went about life.  What does one do when waiting for results?  For me, the days were like any other.  It was more comforting to wait for these results than the ones from the biopsy.  I had such a peace in my spirit, that to worry or stew was wrong, so I opted to just go through the days as normal as possible until what we knew was not there was made sure and reportable.

Today, as Rob and I lunched at a local steak house (we had salads in the bar), I received a call from my surgeon who informed me that the results were in and the report was excellent.  There were no visible cancer cells in the images!  Yea!  \0/

He said that didn’t mean that there would not be any microscopic residual cells, so surgery and radiation plans are still a go…dates to be determined.

But, join with me in celebrating this wonderful news and evidence of God’s work through chemo since March!

It was a wonderful way to end our meal and how appropriate to get the news on what would have been a chemo day were I not done as of two weeks ago.  It was also interesting that we were at the same restaurant we ate in the day my power port (for chemo) was surgically installed.  I rubbed it and smiled when I got the news!


  1. Amy,

    I am so thankful for your results. You know we pray and pray and then we are surprised when the Lord answers our prayers. I am so grateful to the Lord for hearing and answering our prayers.

    Thanks for sharing. This boost our faith.



  2. Praising God with you and for you!!!
    Love April

  3. So glad to get your news.

    Love you,

  4. God is so good! And, I am celebrating with you and your family in this news and for the peace, comfort and joy which He so graciously provides. \0/

  5. Praise the Lord Jesus for this praise report!!! This is so encouraging as I go on tomorrow for the PET Scan Amy… So happy for you Amy!!

    Hug yourself @ least 3 times, 1 for our Heavenly Father, 1 for our Lord Jesus & 1 for our Holy Ghost!!!

    Love you Amy!!!

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