Walking from Drizzle to Downpour

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I should have walked yesterday morning. It was just misty then. When I was a child, I called that “soggy”.

I try to limit myself to one morning/day off from walking each week. If I am more lenient I’ll be back on the couch potato bandwagon. Not a good thing for me. So when I awoke this morning to drizzle I realized I had made the wrong decision yesterday and now I was going to have to walk in water. Not ON water. However, sometimes for me walking in water is just as much a miracle; walking at all for that matter.

So I set out with my rainjacket with a hood covering my upper half. My iPod tuned to The Martins Christmas music was up and running, dry in my pocket. Not bad. Not bad at all. A drizzle is not a bad thing.

Halfway through the walk the drizzle became a downpour. My bangs snuck out from under the hood and hung in my eyes to no avail. I wished for scissors so I could end this travesty of dripping bangs in my eyes. I just wanted to cut them off at the roots. I was willing to live with the results while they grow back out but only for a second when I really got the picture of what my hair would look like. Walking with scissors is not smart. I have a tendency to fall while stepping on a pebble, so you get the picture.

Add to this the pants I walk in on most days when the temperature is above 60 degrees. They’re old crop traveler pants from Chico’s. They are lightweight…until you walk in a downpour. I didn’t know that. The portion that was not covered by the jacket became heavy with water and began sagging. I began trying to pull them up. Step. Step. Step. Pull. Step. Step. Step. Pull. Brush back bangs. Swear. Confess. Step…

Let me just tell you that this walk was by far the most aerobic I’ve had in a while.

Between using one hand to push my wet bangs back under the hood and pulling my pants up with the other I must have looked a sight. I couldn’t even worship with my arms on one of the best songs for fear my water-weighted pants would fall down.

Two of my neighbors almost ran me down in their cars. I guess most people don’t walk on rainy days and so I was not on their radar to be looking out for. So I had to jump puddles to get out of their way…more aerobics.

Quite a refreshing way to begin the day is walking from drizzle to downpour.

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