Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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I went for my morning walk yesterday all bundled up to the point that I could have been mistaken for a snowman (woman). I was sporting my new jacket I got at Marshall’s, regularly priced at $140 and I got it for $30. I bought it a month ago in preparation for excuses that might set in that I would try to use against going for a cold morning walk.

You see, it has never been my nature to take exercise seriously. But, beginning in mid-May I began to make it a priority for my health and sanity. Walking in the summer is not difficult, it’s just hot.

I realized that when it got cold enough to need a jacket for the morning walks, I had better get one soon so I would not get out of the habit. The one I found is white which I think is good considering that many mornings it’s going to be dark when I’m up and about. I have learned my neighborhood “beware of traffic” times and I did not want to be invisible as high school kids backed out of driveways at 90 mph.

So, on yesterday’s walk I tested the new jacket and my fleece hat and gloves. I had the iPod tuned to play Allen Levi, Ed Cash, and Bebo Norman’s beloved Christmas album. I love that cd! I found myself thinking that I should keep you posted on the Christmas tunes that I listen to while walking. You know, kind of like this, “Today’s walk was brought to you by the sounds of…”

My $30 windproof, waterproof, and coldproof jacket did it’s job and I returned warm, toasty, and glistening.

In addition to listening to Christmas music (again), I pondered some other things as well:

1. How does one wash a water resistant jacket? Is it possible for it to really get clean? After all, it’s white and it will need washing at some point. So how does it know to let the water in the washing machine soak in and clean it? Isn’t it made to resist the water? How does it know?

2. Why do those of us born and raised in the South call “dressing” by that name? I’m referring to what we serve with our turkey and not what goes on a salad.

3. What kind of Southerner would dare call it “stuffing”? Obviously not one who is a true partaker of all things Southern. That reminds me. I need to post some Thanksgiving recipes.

4. Why does Beans get more comments on the blog than I do?

I asked Rob that at lunch. He just looked at me like I had lost my mind and said, “Uhm, you DO realize don’t you, that it’s NOT Beans?”

What? Hello! Of course it’s Beans. She says so every time she goes behind my back to type something.

So, if you’re reading this and you are in Bible study, it’s true. You’re teacher is crazy! Did you pay attention to what I was even pondering on my walk?

I think the problem is because I had prayed before my walk rather than while on my walk. Or maybe my fleece hat (yes, it has a fleece roll style brim and therefore, is not a cap) was keeping too much heat in my head.

So, today’s walking in a winter wonderland music will be brought to you by Steven Curtis Chapman.

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