Waltzing Matilda

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This is not a time to gloat, brag, or even feel inferior.  It’s just time for a check-up.

Yearly, we check in with the doctor.  Every 3,000 miles we change the oil and rotate the tires (or sometime thereabouts).  Monthly, we take the Lord’s Supper (hopefully your church does that) and examine our hearts, repent before God and ask forgiveness of our sins as we remember why Christ shed His blood for us while we wait for His coming again.

Today, however, I want to ask you a question to ponder and talk with God about.  How is your spiritual maturity?

For example, when the crises come (and they do) where do you run and how do you respond?

Are you tossed to and fro as you look at the circumstances or do you hold fast to the hope of your salvation, Jesus Christ?

Are you finding that you are responding scattered and panicked?  If so, you may not be growing in that area and you may need to release those habits.  Toss them out of the boat that’s bouncing on the waves around you.

Give yourself a practice session.  The next crisis that comes knocking, no matter how big or small, stop.  Think how you would handle this normally and consider if that is a good way or the best way.  In the good ways, we may run to friends, ask-a-nurse, or the prayer chain.

What’s the better way?  Go straight to God.  First and possibly only.  Wait for Him to show you what the next step is.  He may want you to keep your mouth shut and your hands clasped around His Book as you read and meditate prayerfully on His Word in the crisis.

How long, you ask?  You do this for as long as it takes and as long as He directs.

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