Welcome Lou Anne!

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Today is a bit of an unusual day for me. I will be going to the Hebrews Bible study this morning with my lesson completed but not one jot written down to help me in leading the discussion.

Why? Well, when I knew jury duty was looming on the horizon a month ago, I asked my “back-up” if she would be willing to teach this week’s lesson whether I ended up on a case or not. You know, kind of like forced substitution! As it turns out, I could have taught, but I am so GLAD that Lou Anne Storey will be handling it today. I’ve had a bit of a break this week as a result. Now, my herb garden has been weeded and perennials (rosemary and lemon thyme) pruned as I prepare to “make my bed”…herb bed, that is.

Lou Anne has been a student for several years. Last year, this quiet and caring lady signed up to go to leader training. She’s been my back up ever since. As such, she has been faithful to pray for my health to be good enough to show up to lead so she wouldn’t have to fill in. Her prayers were effective (the prayers of a righteous “woman” availeth much). She’s been rather apprehensive of doing this.

So, to wean her (Beans would like that term- wean her) in to the role, we talked about her doing the review time at the beginning of each week. She has done it without complaint and with creativity and humor all mixed with humility.

So, I look forward to being in the student chair today while my sister in Christ takes the baton and teaches Hebrews.

Say a prayer for her this morning. She’s “on” at 9:30, but I bet she will have some butterflies way before then.

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