What Exactly IS My Normal Lord?

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“Thus says the Lord, Your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: ‘I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you by the way you should go.'” – Isaiah 48:17 (I read it in doing this week’s Bible study, but finally heard it today.)

Lately I have had an ongoing dialog with God about what my “normal” is supposed to be now.

Just last weekend when I was sharing with some ladies at a morning retreat that I could check off the majority of the stressors on an insurance analysis as having affected me personally in the last 21 months, it occurred to me that I am still not done adjusting to all the changes.

I think sometimes that I assume I should have bounced back more quickly and I can grow disappointed with myself over something that is taking longer to adjust to than before.  It’s like I have to shake my own shoulders, were that possible, to remind me to cut myself some slack, for goodness’ sake!

These past 21 months have been a whirlwind of lots of changes, most of which have left me feeling blessed and recognizing God’s faithfulness.  A few have left me wondering and wandering.

{What am I supposed to do with this, Lord?}

            I ask Him that and sometimes I sense Him pushing me to let something go.

{But, it’s a good thing, Lord.  I may let somebody down.}

            Again, I sense Him saying that by letting this something go, I’m making room for His something better and am also making room for the one I fear may be disappointed in me to find a replacement who is better able to fill that spot than I can fill it now as I have grown weary, feel out of my gifting, and feel like I am not obeying Him. 

Back to the bouncing back quickly, though, I am confident of what God has called me to continue doing for Him – being a wife/mom/homemaker, teaching/writing/speaking, and reaching out to share the gospel in a way I haven’t done regularly before (He’s still revealing this one).

He’s calling me to simplify in life, (even though I swear if it hasn’t gotten overwhelmingly filled to the brim in a very short time), to focus on the treasures with which He is entrusting me.

Some of that simplifying involves not so simple conversations with sweet people who need to know that where I have spent my time before is not where I hear Him calling me any more.

Having gone through a health crisis caused me to step back, sit down, and rest.  And while I rested, I had a better, yet sometimes depressing idea of what was really important to continue in and what wasn’t.  Now that I’m past the illness and still learning my new normal (still a work in progress) I have lost a little bit of what I learned in the resting time.  I need that back so I can confidently say yes and no where He is leading me.

Yes to His plans.
No to my plans and your plans/expectations for me if they’re not His plans.
How and when to eat.
How and when to exercise.
How and when to rest.
How and when to serve.
How and when to spend money.
Lots of hows and whens.  Lots of listening to Him…

I think that it is a good thing when major change has occurred in our lives to evaluate where we are, where we hear God calling us, and what we need to release in a new season.  I wonder if you sense the need to do that in your life.

Opportunity for Response:
Please share a time when you went through something similar in your life.  How did you fare through the process?  Do you have a how and when you would like to ask God?  What is it?

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  1. I have been feeling that God is trying to slow us all down and get us back to what is really important while we are here on this earth. This is only our temporary home, but He has called us each in a different way to do His work while we are here. It is not about how much stuff we can obtain. His purpose for us is amazing! When I went through a trial in my life God opened my eyes that I was still here for a reason. I lost 2 relatives in the two weeks following my trial. It could have very well been me and that is when it became so clear to me that God had me here for a reason. I pray for Him to direct me in what I am to do and when I complete one cause I go back to Him and ask Him what is next. I plan to do this till I go home to with Him.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing today. I appreciate your example in asking God what He would have you do next as a habit in your life. Having tragedy come can take us to a new level of trust and seeking Him. Be blessed today.

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