What I Did for Love (of Football)

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Our Labor Day weekend was spent resting, reading, and catching up as a family. After the UGA game, Robert came to Highlands, NC to be with us. Before his arrival Saturday night, Rob, David, and I tried to find a restaurant that was showing the UGA game during lunch since it was not on “normal” tv, as I like to say. Although we found one, the main game that was showing on two of the four tv’s was the LSU game. There was a really staunch supporter of said team in the bar where the tv’s are. Needless to say, between two Auburn fans (myself and David) and one UGA fan (Rob), the fact that the tv we wanted to see wasn’t positioned for normal viewing from our table, and the LSU fan was loud, our hearts weren’t in it so we went back to the house and waited for Auburn to start later in the day. That’s when I got a lot of Bible reading done.

Meanwhile, David determines that our dinner will have to be at the same restaurant since the Auburn game is not on “normal” tv either. So, we traipse off to the same restaurant at the same bar when we are stopped short. After six, anyone under 18 can’t eat in the bar. What? So, we kindly ask the host to find a table for us in the main dining room that faces the tv in the bar showing the Auburn game. Poor Rob had to keep his back to the screen so David and I could see the game. I had to lean to the right on David otherwise the screen was behind the wall. It’s crazy, I know. All the while, Rob and David are peaved with me that I told the truth about my child’s age and thus, we couldn’t sit in the same bar we sat in for lunch when his age didn’t matter.

It was a moral dilemna, a teachable moment. He has only been 17 less than a month. It has taken me that long to get that word in my head and push “16” out. I cannot say he is 18 when he is not.

You must have a little background. A little over a year ago there was “an incident” while the four or us were dining on Mother’s Day in a fancy restaurant with china, tablecloths, silver pots for coffee. You have to understand this was a couple of weeks before Robert graduated from high school. Rob wanted to talk with enthusiasm not only about Robert graduating but also David, who will graduate in 2010. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Well, my emotions got the best of me and I could barely talk as I asked them to please stop planning my youngest’s life away when I was mourning my oldest flying out of the nest. All of this was while holding my coffee cup when all of a sudden, I dropped my coffee cup filled to the brim in my lap and all my men went quiet. It was a jolt of caffeine I never want to relive. Now, as I type, I remember the pain in my loins as my hot, moist, lycra skirt conformed to the shape of my thighs. So, knowing that, you understand better why I could not exaggerate my youngest son’s age. Plus, lying is a sin! Hello!

Truth prevailed. The host learned David’s age. My men were miserable. We were “this close” to seeing the game where the players were recognizable rather than looking like the smallest line on the eye chart that you can never truly interpret correctly yet confidently spout something you hope you get somewhat correct.

Although Rob and I ordered different meals than what we had for lunch, David ordered the exact same sandwich. Why? Because we did not give him enough time to look at the menu! For goodness’ sake, it’s not like we had not eaten there before and the menu was new! The things we do for love and football and our children.

Go Dawgs! That’s for Rob and Robert.

War Eagle! That has to be the last word today.

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