What Not to Wear and When Rejection Pays

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For two days in a row I showed up for my civic duty to the jury pool. Day 1 was spent being questioned for a criminal case with 41 others from Muscogee County for four hours. I was not selected to serve on that case. So, back to the jury pool the remaining 29 of us went. Then before we left, 15 of us were asked to come back Tuesday, day 2, for a civil court case. I barely made it on time, but I made it. I was trying to fasten my pearl necklace after having put lotion on my hands. Hence, my delay.

Once there (arriving as my name is being called), upstairs we went. I was potential juror number eight. I wore my typical black traveler pants, black top, and coral jacket. I had the pearl accessories. Everyone else showed up in browns, navies, jeans, black…nothing bright like a coral jacket. Uh. Oh.

As per yesterday, each of us had to rise, state our name, our occupation, and if we were married, our spouse’s name and occupation. I said, “homemaker” although I thought about saying “Domestic Diva, Queen of the Manor, Domestic Engineer, On-Site Home Economist, or Manor Manager .” To tie in the Bible study teacher part, maybe I could have said, “Full-time Domestic Engineer and part-time Free-Range Bible Study Developer and Practitioner.” Doesn’t that sound impressive? For short I could say, “Word Up Mama.” No, there’s got to be something better.

Meanwhile, back to the juror selection process…the two lawyers proceeded to ask us questions to see if we did not meet their criteria for a juror. That took all of about 5 minutes total. Every single one of us had everything in common based on their questions. No one was an obvious dismissal. How would they decide who could stay and who could go?

At that time, the judge told the lawyers they could do a “silent strike”. I guess so we wouldn’t feel like we were back in elementary school and being picked for one of the two Red Rover teams. I did not realize they would only need eight jurors. So, I assumed that four only would be struck from the list.

So, as we’re waiting for the two lawyers to discuss potential jurors with their clients and slide a paper to the other attorney with names on it of the non-wanted jurors, I noticed that they would just look around at us. Okay, so that was going to be how they chose; appearance and occupation. The man next to me noticed that they looked in our direction a lot. He was wearing jeans and a light blue shirt. He had a bluetooth in his ear and a water bottle converted to tea was in his hand.

Some lady’s phone rang and the police officer in the courtroom quickly walked over and with great seriousness, reminded us to turn off cell phones. I knew they would dismiss her. Duh.

More looks in my direction…

At last, eight names were called and the rest of us were told to go back to the jury pool. My name was not called. Bluetooth man with tea was called. The police officer confiscated his tea. Cell phone woman? She was selected to serve.

So, long story short. If you want to serve on a jury don’t wear coral and/or pearls. Also, make sure your phone rings in the courtroom and that your bluetooth is plugged into your ear as you hold your homemade bottle of tea. I thought my coral jacket was a good single-outer. I guess not.

The good news is that I am getting paid for two days of selection processing. And that’s just fine with me. Sometimes, rejection pays.


  1. You can’t help that the lawyers have zero fashion sense or maybe they were just envious of your well put together look. We may never know:O)

  2. I am so glad I now have you on my PC at work. Look forward to have you daily blogs to perk up my day.

  3. Glenda,
    Welcome to the Digging Deep blog! Hopefully, you’ll feel your time spent here was encouraging!
    Amy <><

  4. You are too cute..I’m just laughing and smiling…I really enjoyed today

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