What (or Who) Gets in the Way of Bible Reading?

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What gets in the way of you reading the Bible?

For me, it can be not waking up early enough before having to hit the road for a reason OR not.  Sometimes, I have had thoughts of that perfect purse swinging from the rack at TJ Maxx that I left yesterday at 9 pm and have worried someone nabbed in my stead while they were closed during the night.  Hence, the rush out of the house to be there when the store opens at 10:00 am.  At other times, I have stewed all night over new office supplies to make my quiet times more special with the right color pens, index cards, and sticky notes.  As soon as I was ready for the day, I would hit Staples like I have also hit the makeup counter; excited, very excited.  It can also be my computer.  I decide I want to check my email then get caught up in Facebook and the time has gone.  Sad.  True, though.

That Geico commercial with the glasses sitting on the bundle of bills resonates with me.  However, instead of paper money, the glasses are sitting on my Bible where it was last placed, waiting on me to give it some attention.  Yes, I hear the music, too.

What prompted me to think about this was just the other day as I sat in the den chair with my notebook open on one knee and my Bible propped open on the other, Beans took a flying leap into my lap spilling my Bible and my notebook onto the floor.  Then, she had the nerve to look at me as if I had done something wrong by loading up HER lap with stuff.  My lap is her lap, see?  I took a long sip of my delicious private blend of “joe” (2/3 Dunkin’ and 1/3 Lavazza espresso) and stared back at her.  My prayers were going strong when she interrupted and surprised me.

I picked up all of her eight pounds, 3 ounces and scolded her on her airlift to the floor for getting in the way of my quiet time.

That’s when the title for today’s post got lodged in my head.

What gets in your way of reading the Bible?

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