What’s a Prophet Like You Doing in a Place Like This?

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I love Isaiah.  I love the book and I love the man.

I feel for him.  His calling to be prophet to the Southern Kingdom of Judah during the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah were tough days in that nation’s history.  They were tough days for Isaiah, too.

Isaiah’s call as prophet was no picnic.  Have you ever had to share harsh news from God to a group of people who, you have heard from God’s mouth, won’t perceive or understand what you’re saying to them?  Poor Isaiah.  But, way to go, Isaiah!

I’m in chapter 29 of Isaiah and he’s obeying God.  He’s giving the news to the stubborn people.  He’s obeying God by doing some rather unusual things like undressing for three years and walking around as an example of what their oppression is going to look like.  He’s naming his sons as God has told him to be an example to King Ahaz.  God told Ahaz the bottom line for him was, “If you don’t believe, you won’t last.”

This prophet in chapter 6 comes to terms with his own sinfulness in light of God’s holiness.  He is humble before God and repents.  At that moment, God cleanses him from his unrighteousness.  Next?  God commissions him to be of use for Him.  Hence, his sharing the tough news with stubborn people.

I love Isaiah, the prophet, for several reasons:

  • He loves God and obeys Him
  • He has a heart that is burdened for this nation that has forsaken God
  • He is privy to the plans of God and yet remains steadfast to God’s commission, rather than fleeing
  • He trusts God and His word; He knows God means what He says and says what he means
  • He is willing to look rather foolish to people for the sake of obedience to God
  • He cares more about pleasing God than being quiet in front of those who just don’t seem to get God’s word.

There are so many other attributes of Isaiah.

Here’s my question to you, though?  In that short list above about Isaiah, do any of those things fit as descriptions of you?

How willing are we to go out on a limb for God?

Lord, when you give us opportunities to take a stand for You and Your Word, help us to be like Isaiah, humbly obedient.  Lord God, grieve our hearts with the things that grieve Yours.  Then, help us to be bold for Your righteousness, no matter the cost.  Amen.

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