What’s in Your Prayer Journal?

Posted by on Aug 2, 2010 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

In my “intercession” section of my prayer journal I have three things I would be sad to not have.

  1. A map of the world where persecution of Christians is prevalent.
  2. A calendar to write down friends’ and family’s important dates (other than birthdays) so I can remember to pray for a surgery, trip, test, and appointment for them.
  3. A picture of the human body (like from a biology text book) so when I’m praying for somebody’s ailment, I can point to the exact spot where it is rather than just say the words. 

Why do I need these things in my journal?  Well, I don’t NEED them, but they do enhance this visual learner’s time in prayer.

Not only does the map come in handy for the lost and/or persecuted world, but when natural and/or political disasters hit, it is handy to point to the place and say, “God, see this?  You know exactly what’s going on there….”  I guess the same could be said to Him in the other two items, the calendar and the map of the human body.

What about you?  What’s in your journal that might take us by surprise?


  1. I love what is in your journal. Mine is not what is in it, but what I do with my Prayer Journal that might surprise others. I sleep with it. I try to either keep my hand on it or lay it over my heart. I try to pray when ever I wake up and want it to be close.

    My hubby just has to chuckle at me when he reaches over and I am covered up with my PJ and devotional: )

  2. oh Amy I do love to prayer journal it has been a part of my life for a long time…and have at least 20 saved up from over the years…my legacy for my children I guess… there is not much in mine except a bookmark with my name…love the ideas especially the body to tell the Lord exactly the places that need to be healed..- Pam

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