What’s in YOUR Purse?

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I had the unfortunate opportunity of having to go through a friend’s purse the other week.  It was unfortunate because she had been injured and another friend and I needed to access her cell phone and her insurance card.

Before I continue, however, let me tell those of you that may not know this, but a woman’s purse is precious to her, inside and out.  We women spend time trying to find the right one.  Some try to find the right one for the season.  Others, like myself, prefer to find the right one for the outfit AND the season.  Do I have a witness?

I do not understand the one purse for one season kind of women, but I admire them and am sometimes a bit envious of their ability to be content with what they have.  I could learn that lesson from their example with their purse toting for a literal season or a year.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I have not liked, looked at, wanted, or shopped for a purse. I have never “needed” a purse, but don’t tell Rob that.  Shhhh.  Going through my grandmother’s and aunt’s purses was a favorite activity when I was a little girl.  Some people shop for bracelet charms or t-shirts when they travel to keep as a souvenir.  Me?  I would prefer to find a purse as my special memento although this does not happen for every trip.  I feel the need to clarify that with you.  And I like choosing the bag.  I can be picky.

My closet is riddled with a variety of purses.  Straw, linen, leather, expensive, and clearance rack at TJMaxx.  You name it and I probably have one in any given color (red, lime green, pink, several black, grey, gold, denim, white, floral, patterned, and so on).

I hone in another’s bag and have been known to covet it.  I often want to look in them to see how they are organized.  I marvel at women who carry tons with no injury to shoulders, back, or neck, and women who get by with much less.

My friend falls into the latter category and I am amazed.

In her time of need, I was given access to the innards of her purse.  That is the true test of friendship.  If someone grants you access to the inner sanctum of her purse, she is truly your friend.  I know this is the case with her because I wasn’t the only one standing near her when she needed help and permitted me access to her bag.  Now, I’m bragging.  Hush, Amy.  She asked me to use her cell phone which was in her purse.  I found her phone quickly.  It was one of probably four things she had in her purse which was as light as a feather.  As a matter of fact, it was so light that when I went to pick it up, I almost threw it into the air much like I have almost done when picking up a full plastic glass that looks like a glass glass.  Whoosh!  Splash!  Oops, sorry…

Here I am in the moments of her need coveting how simple her purse belongings were.  Why, they were exactly what she needed.  Wallet (which was immaculately organized), phone, keys, and something else.  I think.  I mean, I’m still so amazed that she only had a few things in it, that I can’t even accurately recall what they were.  It’s sad how stunned I was, huh?

I can, however, tell you the contents of my purse sitting on my desk across the room:

  • cosmetic bag with two lipsticks, Tylenol, make-up mirror
  • wallet with receipts hanging out (neat other than that), oh and I have a sheet of stamps in it
  • old grocery list
  • Ulta coupon for the week
  • calendar with pencil in it
  • car keys
  • house keys
  • notepad
  • pens
  • phone
  • two gum packs
  • lotion with hand sanitizer in it
  • hand sanitizer
  • reading glasses
  • sunglasses
  • iPod 
  • baggy with vitamins in it

Somehow, all these things added together make for a load to tote around.  I am supposed to carry my load on my other arm to prevent lymphedema in my carrying arm.  It still proves to be a challenge.  Learning to carry my parcel on the “wrong” arm is not going that great.  So, I justify all the contents of my bag thinking that at some point today or this week or until the next time I switch purses, I will need the items in that purse while I am out and about.  Sadly, by the way, the above contents are less than what I have been known to tote around town.  I think I’m getting better, but I could still unload some junk.

So, my friend’s purse has inspired me to lessen my load.

There is a whole other post about that concept isn’t there?

So, although this post had no spiritual content in it, there is a spiritual lesson in it for us purse toters.

What do you need to unload in order to lessen your load today?


  1. I love the spiritual lesson at the end of your blog! I may just have to use in as an intro. (hook) to a Bible study. Would make a great visual, something all women can understand and all men can wonder about….It’s a girl thing! Seriously, I hope the friend is doing well and has recovered from her accident. Lou Anne from PM

  2. Very cute. My mom and aunt like to play “the purse game” at family gather. In the game they take turns pulling items out of their purse, the person with the weirdest or craziest items wins. Its a simple, cute yet funny game

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