What’s New Pussycat? Whoa, Whoa, Whoa…

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Like the words of one of Tom Jones’ long-ago songs, I ask the same of you in today’s post title.  What’s new?  Right now, I’m thinking of Linda Ronstadt’s rendition of “What’s New?”  I even conjure up the long-standing joke in our family of, “Hey, you’ve got snew on your neck!”  Followed by the comment of the addressee, “What’s snew?”  Then the joker says, “Not much, what’s new with you?!”  Nyuck, nyuck.

Invariably when a new year begins and even in the days leading up to it between Christmas and January 1, I find myself pondering the same ole, same ole in matters of spiritual importance.

How can I draw closer to the Lord this year?
Should I read the Bible in a year even though the pressure to do so causes me to speed read and retain nothing?
How can I improve my quiet times?
What devotional should I read to enhance said quiet times?
How can I possibly choose just one?  I have so many good ones from which to choose!
What about my prayer life?
Should I ditch the old journal method for a fresh approach?

What about you?

Here are my ideas and suggestions for a fresh experience in your quiet times:

  • Meet with God
  • Read the Bible
  • Pray

Too simple? Do you want methods and how-to’s?  There are tons of books out there to spur you on, but if you’re reading them before you sit still with God, hmmmmm, maybe you’ve got it backwards.

It’s time to simplify.

Set a time and a place.  Put your Bible there and a notebook to jot down your prayers in list form or in paragraphs if you like, or (gasp) don’t right them down at all…just pray out loud.  As for getting into your Bible as part of your QT, then choose the translation that you most enjoy for reading’s sake and start reading it.  If you like a reading plan, there are plenty to choose from online or you could even get a read-it-in-a-year Bible where everything is already set up for you.  Reading it too fast to enjoy?  Then take two years to read through.  It doesn’t matter.

I happen to know a great blog that is going through the Old Testament and pointing out where Jesus shows up in it.  The author has the information posted there for where he’s reading along in the Old Testament if you want to keep up with the Navpress readings.  If you are interested, check it out here.  I’m kind of partial to the author.  It’s our son, Robert.

I think the main thing about spiritual growth is to remember it’s a discipline that you develop.  Don’t start out grandiose with expectations too high and unrealistic.  But, somehow, find a way that suits your spiritual fingerprint.  It will be as individual as you are.  You can’t have my QT nor my relationship with God.  You can make something of the one He’s growing in you. 

Just do it.

If you’re hankering to belong to a Bible study group, I’m starting one Wednesday night on a topic I absolutely love and find to be so lacking in foundational teaching in the Church – Covenant!  Or, if you have day time open, I’m starting a study on Isaiah 1-39 Thursday morning.  Want to know more?  Leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send the info to you!

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