When You Feel Stuck

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31daysmovingWhat are you to do when you feel stuck and desperately want to be free to move on?

I’m thinking about one of my favorite books in the Bible. Hebrews has so many applications for that very situation.

Put yourself in their sandals for a second…

  • you’ve given your life to the promised one of Israel and turned your life upside down in the process
  • your friends and family are questioning your sanity
  • to the world around you, you are a fool
  • you’re suffering persecution
  • your belongings are being confiscated
  • you’re about to lose your house because of your beliefs
  • meanwhile, the familiar things of your old faith are still happening and, quite frankly, they look pretty good and a whole lot easier
  • you’re finding it harder to adhere to Christ and desiring to just go back to the way life was before all this
  • you feel stuck and have no idea which way to go.

Fortunately for the recipients of this book, the author had a persuasive way of reminding them why they didn’t need to look back at the old, but move forward into this new life with Christ who had come, lived a sinless life, had been crucified, was buried, was raised from the dead, and who now was seated at God’s right hand living to intercede on their behalf.

What about you? Are you remembering the ease of past days and yearning for them all over? Was your job, your house, your marriage, your children, your happiness just so much better then that you ache to go back, but know you can’t?

Or have you participated in this relationship with Christ to the point that you’ve grown stale in life with Him? He doesn’t seem to be “all that” for you like you heard he would be and now you want something more?

What about your church life? Are you so rooted in the same old way of doing things that 3 points and a fluffy story are far more easier to digest than tough truths from the Bible that cover things like sexual immorality, submission, and abortion? Yet your spirit is crying out for you to move forward in hard truth accountability than status quo Christianity in spoiled America? Yet, you can’t budge because you are paralyzed by fear to do so?

What are you to do?

Follow God’s lead, my friend.

Like the Hebrew recipients, when we feel stuck in these areas and more, we need to:

  • look to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith (not man, not suffering, not fear)
  • hold fast to our confession of what we believe about Jesus and the Gospel (not let the watered down things drown us in carnal Christianity)
  • remember that He said those who are His will suffer…we aren’t entitled to freedom from suffering and persecution
  • run this race of life putting aside the weight of encumbrances and the sin that so easily entangles us.

Oh friends, I could go on.

Being stuck in whatever has us stuck is not a time for us to give in to sin of self-pity and complacency. It’s time to look up and move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give in.

Give Him your undivided devotion to go wherever He leads you.

Are you ready? Tell Him so.


  1. Dear, dear Amy — a perfect message that spoke especially to my condition, as though God told you to “say this, Aunt MJ needs to hear it and I’m not getting through to her.” Thank you!!!

    • Wow! I’m delighted it ministered to you. These words were heavy on my heart and I wasn’t sure why God prompted them. Now I know. Loving you, my precious aunt!


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