While Writing 31 Days of Simple Goodness…

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I am delighted to have 31 Days of Simple Goodness done and packed up in the blog vault!

It was a good experience though for these reasons:

  • I learned to plan intentional posts (that’s good considering I had taken a class that gave me the tips to do so)
  • I was accountable to keep up for 31 days straight (I have never written every day and I won’t until next October…if then.)
  • I exercised my right to write (okay, that wasn’t new)
  • I struggled with whether or not to continue writing and came out thinking that yes, I should (but just not everyday, hallelujah!).
  • I learned that my husband had a stronger response than I did.  Humbling. He says it’s just because females are hungry for fresh words on their God-made beauty.  He’s right.  I add that we are hungry for hearing it from our trusted men.
  • I learned that rankings on Google and Facebook and Twitter disturb the stew out of me and I am not going to pay attention to them anymore.  I’m not famous, so I can just write for the sheer joy of it and not be caught up in the stats at Blogger, either. Write for Jesus, Amy.

Sometimes I doubt a new direction I’m taking and I can analyze the thing to pieces!  I awaken to odd thoughts in the middle of the night.  “You’re too old.  You’re self-centered. Nobody cares.  You’re fake. It’s not spiritual enough.  Who do you think you are?”  Yep.  I’ve “heard” those at various times ever since I began teaching Bible study/ blogging/writing/speaking (hardly).

In my own weird way when those thoughts began to pervade my peaceful slumber and a restful spirit during the day, I would make up my mind to persevere anyway only to find myself the next day ready to give it all up to just focus on slimming down, cooking well, cleaning superbly, and being at my family’s beck and call and disappearing into mainstream Christian America life.  Not bad things.  Those are honorable things.  I just wonder why I keep going down the path of something more?

I have learned that those honorable things can also be done in the midst of a fresh communicating calling, too, they may not be as well-done as if I had nothing else going on, though.  I think that’s what I struggle with.  The balance of doing it all well when I was raised to do it all right or not at all.

I have come to realize that the enemy would love to rob me of my joy in serving God in encouraging others by my writing and teaching, especially.  If He wants me to speak more and move beyond blog posts, I’m game, but I’m realizing I can hang out my shingle and push myself forward or I can just wait on God to put in the places at the right times to move me along in His plans for me, too.  That’s a whole heap less stressful.

During the month of October while typing away at #31 Days, my curls also began to straighten and can I just tell you how upset I am?  I am upset!  There.  I have loved the curls, then waves.  My hairdresser has suggested a body wave.  Uh, no.  I don’t do that anymore…since the 80s when my hair got F.R.I.E.D. while I was pregnant with son number 1.  So, I continue to adapt to ever-changing hair that also seems to be thinning out.  Hello Rogaine?  Say it ain’t so.

As this month of writing comes to a close, the pink around town comes down and fountains return to their natural color of clear, clean water.  Men in pink become a memory much to my husband’s delight.  Thoughts of breast cancer awareness and survivors float away.  I can breathe again and prepare for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  No gifts, but time with family and good food.  Relaxing for us because we stay home.

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