Who Are the Ladies Who Do Bible Study?

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I have been thinking of this post for some time.  I love leading women in Bible study.  I have had the privilege of teaching little ones, middle school ones, high school ones, and adult ones.

In my longest season of leading these adults, I have had the opportunity to observe them for eight years now.  Without further ado, here is the make up of the groups I lead.

The ages range from early 20’s to a couple in their 80’s.  One of those 80-year-old’s was brand new to Bible study two years ago.

Some work outside the home and within, some work at home for pay, and the rest take care of home full-time for no money whether they are retired or raising young ones.  Some have gone back to college to get a degree.  Others volunteer at the Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic and Open Door or through the Jr. League.  They are lawyers, teachers, bankers, military specialists, nurses, homemakers, administrative assistants, retirees, minister’s wives, professional nannies, and writers, to describe a few.

Some come with their mothers or daughters, mothers-in-law or daughters-in-law (depends on how you look at it), sisters, or sisters-in-law.

Some I have known since I was a student and Girl Scout in elementary school and others taught me or my children in school and Bible study before they retired.

None are related to me by blood or marriage…not sure what that says (hmmm, maybe I need to see why they don’t come….changing the subject…) LOL!  I’m going to cheat and claim my sister in Nashville as an attendee, but only because we email each other about Bible study stuff off and on and we have done phone-style studies and watched tons of Bible study videos on our annual sister weekend.

Some are married, some are widows, and some who aren’t married wish for a husband or just a boyfriend.  Not all are happy with where their marital status lies (whether married or not).

Some have been my neighbors either when I was little or more recently as a mom.

They come from a variety of churches and denominations.

Some aren’t active in a church, yet, but are trying to discern where exactly God wants them to land and participate with others in the Body.

They can be funny and quirky.  They can be serious and scholarly.  They can speak with confidence or make a statement with a question mark lilt at the end and a higher pitch?  Like that.

Some will answer lots of questions while others would faint if they had to speak.  Some will come with lessons complete and others are glad they even made it with their teeth brushed, dressed, with car keys and nothing else.  They have learned to be flexible as my teaching locations have shifted over the years.

Some can cry at the drop of a hat.  Others are less free with shedding tears.

Some play with their cell phones while I teach and others cringe when another’s phone rings (I try to tell them to not mess with those things during the study).

They have a variety of spiritual gifts.

Some are always late or leave early.  Others must have coffee while her neighbor prefers water.  Some come in their workout clothes.  Some look like they should work in the fashion industry they are so matched with glasses, shoes, and purses coordinating with their outfit.  The rest are like me…wearing what fits and still has some semblance of acceptable style.

Some can easily afford their workbook and some need help buying it.

Some I know well and others I regret not spending enough time with…

Why does this matter?  In the big picture, none of this matters.

Ultimately, what matters is that we have one thing in common:  a hunger for the Word and a desire to grow in our individual relationship with God and Jesus.

I love the women who I see week in and week out, who invite others to increase the size of the group and eventually increases the size of their hearts as the Word applied works its power in their lives.

If you are one of those I see each week, know how much I appreciate your love, encouragement, and support.  You are the reason for today’s post and I pray for you each week as I picture your precious faces based on where you last sat and as I recall specific needs God lays on my heart for each of you.   God allows you to motivate me to keep doing what I believe He’s asked me to do – get women in the Word so they know what He says.

If you are looking for a place to belong, let me know.  We would love to have you be part of the gang!


  1. two thumbs up!!

    The one who can cry at the drop of a hat : )

  2. Amy, one of the things I love most about you and appreciate is the fact that God gave you a passion for teaching His Word to other women. It is a special calling and I believe he has especially equipped you to take on this mission. You often talk about how you are blessed by the ladies who attend these studies, by something they will say or questions they will ask. You talk about what a “sweet group of ladies” it is. This is a great example to me of how we all often receive more than we give when we do things for the purpose of glorifying God.


  3. Miss your studies tremendously! Hope you are all doing well!

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