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…that a simple Bible study could be so good at building a small community of fellowship among women?

I did.

You see, any time you get a group together to discuss timeless truths in Scripture, out of that time spent comes other benefits:

  • unity
  • friendship
  • fellowship
  • encouragement
  • advice.

I’ve struggled over the years with whether to break my pattern of teaching one kind of Bible study or not.  Sometimes, it was because I had much going on and I needed to not complicate my own life nor that of my family by breaking with the routine.  Sometimes, it was out of worry that I would lose ladies if I chose something they weren’t interested in (honestly, I don’t get how you cannot be interested in a straight up book of the Bible, though).

Other times, after evaluating new study material, I was disappointed with the lack of inductive depth as the author may have done all the digging for the student and all that was left was a few warm and fuzzy fill-in-the-blank questions and spaces.  I felt that it was not meaty enough for students who were serious about studying the Bible.

After resting a little more than a year to recuperate from cancer, I felt it was time to offer both types.  So, I embarked on a study I had never done and I also continued to do the inductive kind that I have preferred.   It meant two lesson preps, but because the first is less involved for me than the second, it has been a good fit for my time.  I have continued that this winter and spring.

It is in both styles and in all three meetings that bonds are developing.  It is a sweet blend of stages, careers, callings, and families.

It has been a sweet reminder of what I know God has asked me to do – teach ladies how to study the Bible, encourage them to study the Bible whether it’s with me or someone else.

Working women, retirees, and stay-at-home moms are meeting to discuss how the Bible addresses the issue of being a frazzled woman in today’s world in two of the groups.  In the third, as they evaluate Paul’s second epistle to the Thessalonian church, they are seeing how important knowing foundational truths is to the Church so they can recognize false teaching, especially regarding Jesus’ second coming.  They are seeing what persecution, affliction, and suffering are and the importance of enduring in the midst of suffering such from those who hate believers. 

I get so much from my own personal study, but it is the weekly joining together to discuss what we’ve learned when we’ve been apart that spurs me on til the next week.  I think it does the same for them, too. 

It’s a sweet sisterhood to bond over the Bible.

Have you found a small group to belong to that meets to study the Bible?  If not, look for one.

Opportunity for Response:
What has been a fond memory of yours from belonging to such a group?  Please share in the comment space below.  


  1. I just always feel so much love and acceptance in these groups of women. It is like nothing else I have experienced and I look forward to seeing these wonderful women each week! Thank you for leading us. Love, katherine

    • You are a sweet part of each study. I’m delighted you are there!

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