Why the Chicken Cannot Cross the Road With Jesus

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“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”
– Acts 1:8 (ESV)

I am a chicken. That’s why this chicken can’t cross the road.

I find it easier to share the gospel with the waitress at the restaurant (who could spit in my food or tea refill) than with the family who has lived across the street for several years. They moved in after we did. I introduced myself to the dad while he was out mowing. But, I did not do what I sensed God told me I should have done when it was all over. I don’t remember his name most days and I know he does not remember mine. People who have pulled into his driveway by mistake who are looking for us and have gone to his door, report back that he doesn’t know any family by our last name. That only serves to add fuel to my guilt for not making a good impression for Christ that day.

I let the opportunity pass me by when they were brand new neighbors. I could have made a pound cake and taken it to them along with an invitation to church and I did not do it.

I learned my lesson with them and did not repeat the same offense. I did it better for the neighbors down the street when they moved in. I was like a bee on a flower with them. Boxes were coming off their truck and I met them for Jesus’ sake (by inviting them to church and her to Bible study) that very day. They never visited my church and she never came to Bible study, but at least I shared with them and gave her my phone number in case she ever needed a neighborly neighbor. Maybe my haste to get over there so quickly came off more as a “Gladys Cravitz” impression than anything else. I don’t think I looked into any of her boxes coming off the truck…

I find it easy to inform you of the 10/40 window because the odds of any of us going to that huge area to minister personally are very slim. We have it safe and comfy here in our own “Jerusalem”. Your “Jerusalem” is right where you live. It’s the center of a bull’s eye on a target.

There are hurting people right here who do not know Jesus. Who will I share Him with today? Dare I make a fool of myself and finally cross the road to get this right? Then what about those to his left and the other neighbors to our right and on past them? Do you see how this could turn into some type of impact? : )

The bottom line is this. Am I willing to take Jesus across the street and down the block? What is holding me back?

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