Will Less be More? Our Adventure in Downsizing Begins…

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Hill lifeIf you’ve been a reader here for a while, you are aware we listed our house in 2011 and carried the uneventful listing into the next year for a month. After no contract and no interest, we decided to pull it off the stagnant market, keep the thing, refinance, and not worry about it. Honestly, we were a tad confused by the pull to list especially since we knew God was leading us to do so only having it not sell.

What’s this about, God? Was it a test? Had we put too much love into brick and mortar that it had become a love from which we couldn’t let go? Were You checking to see if we were willing? Was that it? Our willingness? We were willing, so why didn’t it sell?

We closed the door on the idea of selling, re-roofed, pulled down wallpaper in two baths, painted said baths, put in a new stove and refrigerator, and refinished the floor. Then we got comfy and settled in ’til the day we move into eternity.

Or so we thought.

Two weeks ago, we got a phone call from a realtor/neighbor who remembered upon his wife’s reminder that our house had been on the market. He had two clients (his in-laws) who really wanted to make the downsizing move from one side of town to this side so they could be closer to the children and grands. He asked if we’d be interested in letting them taking a gander at our house. We pondered for a day or two and were ready with a “yes” when he called back.

Sure! Come look!

{We know they aren’t going to like it. Nobody else did in 2011.}

They came. They stayed for an hour. They looked.

{Hmmmm. This is interesting!

Oh well, if they don’t come back, at least it’s the cleanest the baths have been all summer!

No love lost.}

They called a week later asking to come by again. This time they stayed two hours.

{Oh Honey, are you ready? They’re going to make an offer.}

And they did make an offer. That night.

We spent the evening scrambling; my husband scrambled for our realtor (who happened to be leaving on a two week vacay out of the country early the next morning), and me for a list of viable options to look at in 24 hours’ time. Yikes!

The first house I found, I held up the computer and said to my husband, “See this? It’s our next house!”

And it is.

After viewing 10 on Monday of last week, we narrowed it down by actual visits and scratching off the list in quick drive-bys to one. The one I had seen first the day before is now going to be our next residence in a little over a month from today.

So, the adventure begins to move to a space 1,000 sq. feet smaller. That’s fine by me. I have too much stuff…but I like all my stuff…but I have too much stuff that fits in all these closets which the newer/older house doesn’t have.

Back to the beginning of today’s post and all those questions we had after listing then pulling the listing…I was kind of worried that God’s reputation was at stake and mine, too. How could our being convinced we were to list it not result in a sale? How embarrassing. But, as I re-read posts about it from that time, I was aware that by the events happening the way they have, oh wow, He comes out looking way better! I prayed for a knock at the door with a wonderful offer from people who love it as much as we do.

Check. Check. And, oh yeah, check!

Oh boy! I’ll keep you posted on the progress of moving. As I read in Parade magazine’s Claudia Schultz’s article on Sunday about “rightsizing” (I’m copying her word), I was inspired by the prospect. I also got a gut-ripping hoot out of her story.

I’m no fool.  Rob and I are going to have stories about this. We’re going to have stress and a sprinkle of fusses, but we’re sure to laugh at ourselves and each other. We’re planning to share those things with you because we’re about to be

the folks who live on the hill…

Stay tuned.


  1. Congratulations and good luck. Love you.

    • Thanks Amy! I would love your tips for moving, especially regarding what to keep and what to toss in the kitchen and craftroom, so feel free to share them.

  2. Ooooh… this sounds awesome. So happy for you! We need to catch up! And I LOVE the artwork. You will have to give me your tips!

    • Thanks Kelli! We are excited and kind of wishing we could just move on in and get the party started. : ) Yes, let’s catch up soon!

  3. Amy, we wish you well on the downsizing, as we went through it on our move back to Canton. Bill made a grid and we decided what furniture we could fit and what needed to go. I’m sure the library got tired of seeing all the books we brought by, and we finally cleaned out completely all the storage areas and had a yard sale. It was a wonderful experience to be unencumbered by “stuff” and I wish for you the same feeling. Blessings!

    • Hi Sandra, we are looking forward to getting rid of the excess in order to lead a simpler lifestyle, we hope. : ) Your story of having already made the transition is very encouraging to me. Thanks for sharing and feel free to offer any tips!

  4. Can’t wait to read the new Chapters of downsizing!! I can only imagine. But we know one thing, God is faithful!! He sure has been faithful to me and you!! I will always give Him the glory!!

    • He certainly has been faithful to us. So glad you’ll be coming along for the rightsizing story. : )

  5. Congratulations, on your new adventure into ‘less is better’. Moving your HOME into a new house is fun. You will find things you had forgotten and wonder why you needed them in the first place. We will be praying for you as you go through the experience


    • Aunt Joan, thank you for the prayers. You know we’ll need them and it means so much to have you doing so for us. Hugs to you and Uncle Billy. : )

  6. Congratulations! God waited for His timing to bless you and the grandchildren next door! Ellie would love to have my parents next door! Wish I was there to help you. You’ll be moved, settled and ready for your grandson!

    • I am confident that the new homeowners and their children and grands will be happy to all be in this neighborhood which has been a great place to live for us and is sure to be for all of them. Yes, the timing for us to get this behind us before our grandson arrives is a blessing.

  7. Big congrats,we are thrilled with our choice to downsize 7 years ago.Our girls received lots of furniture,along with some of their friends.I do recommend floorplans done before moving,saves lots of time.Good luck,where are yal moving to?

    • Hey Nancy! Rob has made my floor plan grids so I can move on paper first.

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