Words with Friends

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There is a popular online game by the same title as today’s post. I enjoy playing it with friends. I can easily get distracted with it and spend too much time on it.

One of my friends swears I keep a Webster’s dictionary by my side when I am playing it, but to that friend I say to you, “I do not own a Webster’s dictionary nor do I access it online while playing. I do own an Oxford dictionary, but it is not by my side.  I’m too lazy to go get it and my attempt to access helpful word help online while playing has not be helpful at all.”

Words with Friends is a game that involves a little skill and some strategy as you are given letter tiles to use to form words. Depending on how many letters you use, their worth, and the placement on the board, you can total lots of points to outscore your opponent.

So, what does this have to do with studying the Bible? Not much.

It does make me think about the Word and a Friend.
It does make me think about the joy of reading the Word with friends of like mind.
It does make me think about the need to share the Word with friends who believe differently.

The Word and a Friend

It is in the Word that I learn about the Friend, Jesus, Who sticks closer than a brother. That’s the best Friend. It was in the Word that I learned that this Friend, Jesus, was God incarnate, the Word made flesh. And I get overwhelmed by that Good News.

The Word and like-minded friends

It is a joy for me to share time with friends reading the Word, discussing the truth and life within. It is a pleasure to find His love for us in there and color it with pink hearts so one day I can flip through it and see pink hearts on parade like in a moving picture. That is easy.

The Word and those who don’t believe it…yet

I’m going to confess that I don’t have many friends, if any, who do not embrace the Word that I read and believe. I play it safe. In my sit-down time while healing, I thought about that often. Now that I’m back in a groove of teaching other believers I am reminded again of how easy that can be. Sure, it has its challenges depending upon each one’s exposure to the Word. But, I do not know others who I meet with on a regular basis who do not embrace the Word of my Friend. This is hard.

I am praying that I will have the courage to be more intentional about sharing the Word with all my friends and potential friends and strangers.

I find it easy to incorporate talking about the Word with others I know face to face and by writing about here to those of you I may never have met. Life is so short and I keep picturing Jesus saying to the disciples that the fields are ripe for the harvest, but the workers are few. Which category are you in? Are you part of the group that needs harvesting or are you a harvester? What is God saying to you? Ask Him.
Opportunity for Response:
What is your bent? Is it more comfortable for you to share the Word with others of like mind or do you have no hesitation in sharing it with others who may not believe as you do? Why do you think that is so?

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