Would Jesus Accuse Me of Abandoning Him?

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Remember our first love days. [Stockfresh.com]

“But this I have against you.  You have abandoned your first love.” – Jesus (Revelation 2).

I have been rocking along in my good girl Christian world before doing this, that, and the other for my family, church, and community and just proceeding oh so smoothly when I hit a rough place in my doing and I collapsed.

What about you?

I know when it happens because:

  • my tears flow more freely
  • my temper is short
  • I’m tired
  • I want to withdraw from people.
{God, this Christian life is just not all it’s cracked up to be!  I’m doing all this for You and I just want to hide under the covers of my bed!}
In reading Revelation 2 this week and examining Jesus’ words to the church at Ephesus, I realize my problem that’s at the heart of it all.  And that would be, yes you guessed it,  my heart!
My mind is so focused on the getting it all done for Jesus part that my spirit has not been stirred by Holy Spirit promptings that keep my love for my first love engaged in the process of life. I just don’t pay attention until it’s too late.
{So, what can I do to prevent this?}
Throughout the Bible, God is clear that my motives and my heart need to be right with Him in my doing.  Think of David…the man after God’s own heart.  Think of the Beatitudes in Matthew…blessed are the pure in heart.  Think of Jesus addressing the Pharisees who were pristine on the outside but whose hearts were filthy.
I think of me who so often serves for the wrong motive and that motive can sometimes be the guilt that I allow others to heap on me if I’m not serving in that area or ministry.  Oops.
The church at Ephesus had it going on!  They had the latest ministries in place back in their day and they were even testing apostles to discern the real from the false.  Their deeds were good!  Even Jesus said so.  However, they had left their first love, Jesus.  Like the church at Ephesus, I am so busy wanting to do the right things that I so often neglect the main thing…love for Him that prompts my desire to do as He leads me.  Like it says in 1 Corinthians 13, my paraphrase, “If I’m doing all these good things on behalf of Jesus and using the gifts His Spirit has bestowed on me without a speck of love for Him in the process, then I am up to no good for Him.  It’s all blah, blah, blah.”
In that same passage of Revelation 2 where He addresses Ephesus, Jesus instructs them to remember their first love, repent, and do the deeds they did.
Remember your first love.
Do those deeds you did before.
How does that go, you ask?  Maybe something like this:
{God, you know I do love You and I love Jesus.  Sometimes I have missed the mark of living my life in a way that shows You two that I do love You.  I neglect Your Spirit who is trying to lead me in the right direction of doing out of real love for You.  I am sorry.  I will pay more attention to that leading knowing You are behind it.  I desire to not do anything out of motives that do not reflect my love for You.  I desire my motives to be pure because You desire that too.  Help me to recall the days of when I first fell in love with You and was willing to do anything You asked of me no matter the cost.  Make my joy genuine to do for You and not for pleasing others.  Sure, others may benefit, but my heart’s desire is to bring You much pleasure today.  If there is something I am doing, even those good things, that is not part of Your plan for me, then I ask Your Holy Spirit to make it very clear to me.  I’m a slow study, Lord.  But, I know I can trust You to show me.  What is the one thing I can do today that will bring You joy?  I love You now more than before and I pray my doing is genuine evidence of that love.  Amen.}
Why take Jesus’ instructions seriously?  If you finish reading this address to Ephesus, you realize that if they did not obey Him (a sign of love for Him) He was going to remove them from His midst.  Their good things they were doing would be gone as He would cease to allow them to be in His presence.

Serious, huh?

Just goes to show us how serious our love of Jesus is to Him and He can recognize the real thing.

Let us love Him like we did at first and let that love prompt an outpouring of genuine worship and work.

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