X Marks the Spot

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PreviewWhen David was a little fellow in kindergarten, his teacher took great care to share some house rules. When it came to gluing anything, her mantra was, “A dab’ll do ya.” As for putting things away or placing construction paper objects into a project, her phrase was, “X marks the spot.” That sweet child would say those phrases around the house as he’d do his homework (even in kindergarten).

So, X gets a bit of different phrasing in our rightsizing adventure.   Here, X marks the spot where our mail, paper, and UPS packages come. We are identified with this spot on the world’s map now.

And in this house, now home to us, everything (and I mean everything) has its place and we dare not deviate in putting it back from whence it came.

Our house has absorbed a lot more than I thought possible especially in the kitchen. X marks the spot there for  cookware, food in cabinets rather than a pantry, and dishes along with stemware. Back corners of low cabinets have been relegated for keeping less often used items at the ready but with some work to get them out for use. There’s room for an intimate spot for dining by candlelight at a table with leaves removed.

X marks the spot in my closet for clothes, shoes, and accessories, but also my sewing machines, crafts, and a little cloth for sewing. My compression garments and wrappings (I have lymphedema) are tucked into ditty bags and plastic baskets.

Remember my agony of what to do with eXtra books? Well, after scaling them down (it took four times), X marks the spot for specific books to help with writing, teaching Bible study, devotional reading, other nonfiction, and a few fiction reads for the fun of it. It all came together some how and yes, a tad of tweaking to make it a bit more pleasing on the eye is in order, but it’s there. All of what I wanted to keep the most.

So, X marks the spot of our belongings and our mail,

and X marks the spot of where our hearts are at home now.

We are fortunate in every way, I know. It’s likely that someone is reading this who has moved way more than she ever hoped to due to career pulling family to other places far from the familiar. I’ve not lived in a place where I didn’t know a soul to start with. I can’t fathom how difficult it would be to start fresh with strangers in the midst. I think I’d be rather xenophobic. I would eXile myself in my own walls until my soul and my husband say, “Enough! It’s time to get out and meet this city and its people!” I would leave the threshold with shaky knees and high hopes of kindness being shown in my new community.

Where I live, I often hear from transplants how difficult it is to “move in” to this place. The lifers can make it hard for the newbies to 31daysmovingfind their niche of welcome. So, today’s post reminds me as I type of the importance of showing kindness to strangers rather than ignoring them when opportunities for community are available. Somebody here needs the attention of someone else. Will I attend?

Lastly, today’s prayer is to our eXtravagant God Who in His mercy, looks upon all of mankind and knows their hearts, yet, in His unfathomable love, lavished us all with the opportunity to be His friends, no longer strangers because of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Do you belong to Him because of what He’s done for you?

Thank You, God, for desiring all to come to You in genuine relationship, no longer aliens, but sons and daughters. Those who belong to You through Jesus Christ are marked (engraved) in the palms of  his hands as a sign of authentic belonging. That’s what we want…we want to belong and belonging to You is the ultimate belonging. So, for someone who has wandered in her own wilderness here today, I pray she knows You, but that if she doesn’t, she will begin to attend to an eternal relationship with You today.




  1. Enjoyed this series!

  2. So awesome ! So ready to mark my spot! Less than a month! This has been an awesome series! I can so relate with moving as much as I have. Love and miss you

    • Cathy, I miss you too! I should have had you share some of your moving tips and stories. Thanks for reading the series! Love you!


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