Young and Restless

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Don’t worry.  By today’s title you may be wondering if I’m getting on a soap (opera) box.  I’m not.  I have just come back home from a morning away with younger women who belong to a Bible study.  Their leader asked me to come and share my testimony of the Word’s impact on my life.

What a privilege it was to meet them, enjoy a delicious breakfast, and just watch them before sharing my story.

The morning itself was making the day turn out beautifully.  (I’m loving the clear blue skies of fall here in South Georgia after the hazy ones of summer).  So once all the younger women began arriving, I observed what is true of all women who know each other.  Stories of babies, husbands, recipes, outfits, and churches begin to fill a place as the conversations brew like coffee.  As coffee’s fragrance wafts through a home, the conversations of friends crescendo amidst laughter and squeals and fill a home, too, like a fresh aromatic blend.

All was good.  My soul was nourished listening, watching, touching…the Spirit was there.

After enjoying the breakfast, we circled up in the den and I shared my testimony of the Word’s impact on my life.  It’s the first time I’ve shared that story in more reflective form.  After a bit of tweaking, perhaps I’ll share it again sometime.

But for now, let me summarize it in three parts here today.

1.  I realized I was hungry

At one point in my early life, I had a hunger for the Word.  It would quickly develop into a hunger, after salvation, for understanding and remembering what I read.  That hunger would turn into a heart cry in prayer for a desire to learn how to study it for myself.  I would pray that prayer for ten years!

I was young and I was restless to get into and understand the Word.  I was a biblical anorexic.
2.  I realized I had been starving far too long

At a pivotal point in my life as a new mom, God would orchestrate the events of me hearing a radio program while driving around in a car.  The blurb beforehand as the program was introduced stated that in that day’s program the author was going to teach the program listener how to study the Word for herself.  I pulled over in a parking lot and took notes.  A few weeks later I would happen upon a church’s poster advertising a summer Bible study on 2 Peter with materials from this ministry I had overheard on the radio while in the car that day.  I signed up for the study and well, here I am today, 22 years later.  I’m not the same.

I was young and my biblically starved and restless spirit was going to be tended by people God put in my path as well as by the Holy Spirit dwelling within me.   God was answering that prayer.
3.  I have been fed and it has been nourishment for my soul

God put that hunger for His Word in me and in His timing He provided the teaching and tools for me to be able to have a study to attend.  I soaked it up!  I was then, and still am today, so excited to get into the Word.  I would eventually end up where I am today desiring to use that gift of teaching to encourage you and others to be in the Word, teaching them how to study it for themselves.  Having camped out in the Word in studies in groups and confidently studying on my own He equipped me to go through some trials knowing that He is faithful and that I could trust Him.  How else would I have known this about my Maker without being intimately acquainted with Him via His Word?  Sure, I could have picked up lots of facts about Him from others, but because I have seen Him for myself in His Word, I am so confident in Who He says He is and what He says He will and can do that I am forever grateful for one radio program 22 years ago.

I am not as young any more and God has done some amazing things to steady that restlessness in me.  Oh sure, I’m still hungry for His Word, for reading it and understanding it, for teaching it and sharing it with others.  But now, that restlessness is shifting as I sit with younger women and recognize the HUGE need in every one of our churches for there to be others in the Word honing their understanding of God based on His Word and the time they’ve spent there so they can pass it on.

So, to the fresh younger faces I looked on this morning, I say to you, “Thank you for listening.  Tend the flame of that hunger in your souls.”

I want to encourage you to sit still some time today to just talk with God about His Word, the place it has in your lives, the place where you are in your life with Him, the priority of the Word in your life/home/family, and what it is He would have you do about it.  If the Word has no place in your life, I would ask you to ask Him why that is.  Have you shoved it away?  Or perhaps, you’re truly not in a real relationship with your Maker.  Ask Him.

Opportunity for Response:
Please share here with me and other readers how the Word (the Bible) has impacted your life?  Share all the details you want to with us…like how old you were when you first remember becoming acquainted with it, who has motivated you to get into it and stay with it; share how you are incorporating it in raising your children (if you have children)…just share.  Thanks!

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  1. Mrs. Amy,
    I, too, have a desire to dig into the Word but I find myself jumping around and just reading random books. I would like to read one book at a time but when I do that I have trouble really analyzing and feeling God’s message for my life in the text, Any suggestions/advice for me? 🙂
    -Casey Parker

  2. Hey Casey! I’m so glad you asked your question, and thank you for your honesty. I can so relate to where you find yourself.

    Yes, I do happen to have a suggestion!

    I would like for you to consider selecting a study from this collection at Precept (and available at LifeWay back home). Look at them and see what you think because each one is designed to give you a more indepth time in each one of the books (that are available at this point). I believe you can look inside them and possibly download the first chapter. Here’s that link:

    Another book that I suggest you might use FIRST is at Amazon and I’m not sure if Precept is getting ready to reprint it because I can’t find it in their store. Hmmmm.

    But anyway, it’s called “Lord, Teach Me How to Study the Bible in 28 Days” and it is one of my very FAVES. I did it on my own three years ago and loved it! Here’s a link at Amazon for it (but I think LifeWay has it, too).

    That last one gives you more of the how-tos as it takes you through Jonah and Philemon. love, Love, LOVE it! Can you tell?

    Let me know what you decide to go for and I’ll be glad to assist from afar.
    If you need me to nab one for you, I can mail it to you if you’re not coming home anytime soon, ok?

    Praying for you! Love you!
    Hug yourself. : )

  3. I’ve just started the inductive Bible study, too. Currently, I am a little overwhelmed by all the steps, but God keeps telling me that there is no rush — take it slow and really let it sink in.

    I’ve also found the One Year Bible to be helpful for me when life is super busy.

  4. I will never forget how I started studying the Word. I was leaving church walking out with two girlfriends and I said, “I just want to soak in His Words” and they told me to come to their Bible Study Class. I was so excited instead of waiting till the next class began I came in right in the middle of the study and I have never looked back.

    I will say one thing that really opened my eyes to what Jesus did for me was watching the movie, “The Passion”. I would have to say it was the hardest movie I have every had to watch, at times I would go to the back door so I could not see what they were doing to Jesus and at times I had to cover my ears, but I was not going to walk out. He has never walked out on me.

    I think what keeps me studying’ is God’s words are instructions for how we are to live life. I have gained strength, hope, power, endurance, direction etc. All I need can be found in His Word and it is here for us all.

    I can’t tell you how many times before I have picked up the bible and could not get through all the names in Genesis and just gave up. Now, I can’t live without it. A bible study class was the answer for me.

  5. Hi Jen,

    Ah yes…being overwhelmed by all those steps. I know. You’re learning a new skill with this method and you’ll eventually have a pace that works for you and it may mean leaving out some of those steps. Horrors! Did I really say that? I did.

    I’m praying your time in the Word will be blessed beyond measure as you focus on His message and not the method. Word of God speak! Amen.

    I, too, love the One Year Bible (NLT).

    Holler if I can help you in anyway.

  6. Hey “Anonymous” up there. I am so glad you jumped in right in the middle. I always tell people they can jump in anywhere any time, whether we’re done or not, whether we have enough books or not. Just come. I’m thankful you felt His nudge to go. I’m thankful you have been so touched by your time in the Word. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi Mrs. Amy! I bought the Lord teach me to study the bible in 28 days on my nook today! And did day 1! I really like it and I think it will help me a lot! I answer the questions in a journal and take notes and highlight in my Bible. Thank you so much, I’ll keep you posted!

  8. Casey,
    I am delighted you have already started and am praying you are greatly encouraged!
    Love you!

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