Your Steadfast Love is Difficult to Comprehend

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Love Letter 5

Love Letter 5

Dear God,

Your steadfast love is difficult for me to comprehend at times. My ears hear of it and my eyes read about it, but because I see contradiction around me in my American world, I have struggled to grasp it at times, fearing that the conditions that others place on one another must surely emulate the conditions you place on me.

You know my thoughts.

So, you are aware that when I “do good” then I am prone to think that you love me more.

Conversely, when I “do bad” I can quickly believe that you love me less.

Oh boy, that’s sad isn’t it? I just had a birthday on the last day of the year. A big number. And I still can have those thoughts? Ugh. Granted, they are fewer and farther between. That’s good, right? I hope so.

Maybe I have these thoughts because I was raised to do my best. Nothing wrong with that. Somehow, though, I got it skewed and grew to believe that my success and perfection would warrant me more kudos from my parents and eventually others who would have influence in my life. Then I took it further…kudos equals love.

I have come to realize finally, that it shouldn’t be so. Praise you that is not the case in my relationship with you.

With you, a kudos is not equivalent to love.

Remember when I started to mark in my Bible all those times I saw the word “love” in it? A pink heart hugged that word. That was kind of fun to see all those pink hearts floating around so I decided I would also put pink hearts in the margins where a story of your love was told even if the word didn’t appear.

The hearts were numerous! I could barely turn a page in my Bible without keeping my pink marker handy for drawing around words and in margins.

I realized in this simple assignment, that I was not going to go a day in my reading without noticing this major attribute of yours, so I eventually ceased with the marking.

I got the message.

Your love is strong and steadfast for those who revere you.

You don’t change.

Your love for those who are yours doesn’t cease or change up or down

based upon

what they do or don’t do that earns a kudos from friends or family.

Your love doesn’t wax and wane depending on the successes and failures of one who abides in you.

I abide in you. Therefore, your love for me doesn’t increase or decrease based on what I do or don’t do well.

So, I thank you today that I am beginning to grasp that attribute of your love for me. It’s not too late to begin to comprehend that your love is steadfast. Hallelujah!

You love me. Period.

I love you,


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