Z is for Zzzzzz

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PreviewWell, here we are at the last letter in the alphabet and maybe it’s a cop out to choose a word that’s not really a word but I was rather limited in my choices.

An obvious one was Zillow, a great real estate website that we looked at when selecting houses to see in person. The benefit of this website was that it had a few more pictures of the houses than what local real estate sites offered. It certainly made my secret Pinterest board for our new house much better.

Then a friend suggested I choose zealous as the last word on our move because we were zealous to get the moving in done. She was right, we were and that’s a great word that describes our moving in to a T, or Z in this case.

I considered zoom as an option after last week’s sewing sessions when I was zooming the machines to get things done.

Zippity-do-dah was another thought. That’s what I felt like shouting when the sewing was done, but it was short lived. I still have a few more sewing projects up my sleeve. I’m dreaming of pillow shams, a new bolster cover, and two accent pillows out of the remaining toille fabric.

But alas, I settle with Zzzzzzzz because that’s the perfect description of my state of spirit, soul, and body today. I’m one pooped little bird who is worn out feathering her nest. Thank God for a sweet husband’s tireless help to get it all done, too.

As if you didn’t know, moving in and making a house into a home takes work of the mind and body. It takes ambition and perseverance.

It takes patience with oneself and with those who are helping. Balancing adequate planning and a great reserve of flexibility have to marry to get it done.31daysmoving

Taking time for normal things mingling in with the extra workload are important.

Thanks for reading along as we moved out and moved in. Your encouraging comments blessed me and my husband.

Our life as the folks who live on the hill is just beginning. More stories will come.

This series is not quite over. After all, it is a 31 Days series. So, although the alphabet is complete. My thoughts and plans for the next three days still continue. So, stay tuned.

Once it’s all done, I’m really going to take a good nap. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


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