31 Days of Simple Goodness: Free to Worship in the Dash

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Recently, on an episode of The Middle, the father of the family toasted his brother and sister-in-law at their wedding.  In the midst of his toast he made a statement that hit me squarely for a powerful “Duh” moment.  The gist of his toast was that it matters how we live the dash that separates our birth date and our date of death. It’s in that dash that our life here on earth is represented.

As I write another post on freedom today during the #31Days of Simple Goodness, I say that it’s in our dashes that we have been granted the opportunity to live a life of worship.

Some of us will worship at church today but, does worshiping God end at noon and resume next Sunday at 11:00?

I hope not.

Be free to worship Him at church, at home, and in the midst of all your dash moments.

Here are a few of the meanings for the various Greek words represented as “worship” in our New Testament translations:

Worship Him with all your heart in all of your “dash”.
  • The service of a slave or bond-servant to his master.
  • To serve but not out of compulsion.
  • The act of reverencing (God/Jesus).
  • To honor.
  • To show respect, fall prostrate before.
  • Literally, to blow a kiss toward one of higher honor as a token of respect or homage.

According to these, worship is not just an act but also a lifestyle.

I have learned that God can be worshiped even in how I live my life as wife, mom, home keeper, writer, friend, and survivor.

If I am seeking to honor Him outside of the 11 o’clock worship service, it will be evidenced in how I interact with others, too, as a reflection of my reverence for God.

I can worship God in my cleaning, cooking, writing, praying, singing, speaking, laughter, tears, and resting.

That’s a glimpse of what it looks like for me.

I worship God because He is important to me.  I revere Him and I love Him.  I know I can trust Him.  He has my best interest in mind as evidenced in His saving plan of redemption through Jesus.

He is worthy of my worship in the dash 

{My dash is being filled with lots of routine and mundane moments amidst a sprinkling of more glamorous ones where worshiping Him sure would seem to make more sense but 
He is worth worshiping in all of my moments!}

That reminds me of how my grandmother would awaken to each day from her kitchen singing, “How Great Thou Art,” while she put away the dishes from the day before.  That was a worship moment!  In my remembering her and pausing to reflect on her relationship with Him, it’s worshiping Him for drawing her to Himself.

I think of Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, “Moment Made for Worshiping,” on his All About Love cd.  Go listen to a smidgen of it.

Let us head out the door for worship today.  
May our worship last longer than an hour.  
May our dashes represent lives spent worshiping Him!

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