31 Days of Simple Goodness: Home

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My home is a haven and a refuge. 

When I think about our home in its various seasons and its various locations, I realize that home is not the brick and mortar and it’s not the location. It’s the feel of welcome that I hope permeates to family and visitors.

It’s the place I hope my husband looks forward to returning after putting in nine hours on the job.  If I don’t greet him audibly within 10 seconds of the backdoor opening, he wonders if all is well.
It’s where my sons could plop their book bags during school days and expect a welcoming snack at the ready as their day was reviewed.  It’s the place I pray they look forward to coming back to even when it’s not their own home anymore.
It’s the place where puppies grow old.
It’s where I rest and where I healed.
It’s where I develop and practice my own sense of style and my own cleaning techniques and schedules.
It’s where I meet with God best.

The result of a recent Saturday’s desire to make our entrance welcoming.

Yesterday, it was the place where soup and cornbread were shared with a friend.
Prayers prayed privately and with one another invite the Spirit to feel at home here.
Extended family gathers for birthdays and other celebrations and we connect and feed our souls on the knowledge that we belong to one another by blood and by marriage.

Home says:
be yourself
learn about God here
practice grace
give of yourself
let peace thrive
enjoy laughter 
shed tears that cleanse
cherish moments
live life
speak encouragement.

Home is my family of two, four, five, twenty or more relatives.
Home is my family of God.
Home is where I belong when my work is done.

I find solace in knowing that my desire to create a welcoming environment in our home is due to the fact that God placed it in me as a reflection of His creative and welcoming work as Jesus prepares a place for all His children in which to dwell one day.

So, simply said, making my home a welcoming place for all who enter brings me joy.

October 2 tip:  Make your home a haven for all who enter in ways that invite, minister, and unite.

What is home to you?

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  1. Sister, I can confirm that your home is definitely a “haven and a refuge”. Sometimes, I’d rather be there than my own home!! Love you!

    • What a sweet comment Sister! I love it when you grace our home and I can’t wait til you visit again! Your home is a precious haven too!

      I love you.

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