A Moving God

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31daysmovingIt’s time to wrap up this little bundle of 31 Days of Moving A to Z. It’s been a treat to share bits and pieces of our moving story in the midst of the move and I’m thankful for you following along.

I want to leave us with this reminder today:

God moves. Yes, He moves and you know and I know that He moves in mysterious ways. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

Max Lucado reminds us that God still moves stones.

We learned as children about the faith that moves mountains.

I recall reading how God moved in the Israel wilderness days as they would pack up the tabernacle at His command and move to the next hot spot with His covering of cloud by day and the fire leading the way at night. What an awesome God!

I’ve also seen God move in hearts of stone to make them hearts of flesh, mine among them; my husband’s and sons’, too.

I’ve seen Him move in the life of my sweet sister who with her precious devotion to Christ, a gentle beauty, admirable strong work ethic, and sweet disposition found herself single and wondering how she’d ever meet a man worth anything. Yet, God moved and brought a man back into her life 30 years after their brief college time of meeting and dating. They married in September. Talk about a fairy tale! Wow.

Then in my own life, God allowed cancer to move in so He could exhibit His powers to move it out. Amazing!

Just as God allowed a potential difficult financial reality to move into our family at the close of my cancer year, He also moved on bringing the next job my husband’s way so we could stay in this city.

And when we swore He was telling us to sell our house and move to something smaller to be a wise tactic financially, we listed it only to have it not sell. So we pulled it. In His providence He sold it unexpectedly and in His time. Now, looking back, I realize that I couldn’t have withstood the physical, mental, and emotional requirements of downsizing in 2011, but I made it okay in 2013.

God knows what He’s doing.

Do you know that?

I hope so.

I’m sensing somebody reading this is either cynical, jealous, tired, wondering where God is for her family, or even wondering if God is real. Let me assure you, He is real, He is there, He is aware, He has a plan for you. I encourage you to not give up on seeking His will and if you’re not in a real relationship with Him, I pray you will attend to His moving You to act on that nudge of the Spirit inside you to become part of His family.

Yes, God is in the business of moving.


  1. The perfect ending to a wonderful series. Well done friend!

  2. Beautifully said!! I know God is real!!

    • Thank you! I’m delighted you know He is real!

  3. Enjoyed the last 31 days with you! Great job, Amy!

    • Thank you Dagmar! I appreciate you following along!

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