A simple weekend

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After a refreshing weekend full of reflecting on life and simplifying, we are back to Monday. A fresh week awaits us! Why does that not sound like the truth? Because, it’s just not what we typically think is it? And sometimes we set our thoughts of weekend rest way too high on the expectation scale. Monday comes and we wonder why we may be more tired.

Let me take a moment to share a bit of our family’s weekend with you.

Our family had a treat and I want to humbly brag. Is that possible? Our oldest son, Robert, has been interning this summer at a church here in town and one of the stipulations for him from the church elders was that he preach a full-length sermon. Last year he had to preach a “sermonette” which was the Gospel in five minutes. So, yesterday, Robert’s family, including extended family as well as precious friends, went to hear him deliver a sermon on Philippians 1:12-18. He did such a wonderful job. I took notes like crazy and have been thinking ever since then of the verse in 3 John 4 that says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” I have that in a framed art print hanging at our back door (see the picture at the top). It’s also a joy to hear them teach truth, too, or testify before the congregation as to how God moved on a mission trip or at beach camp. Both David and Robert have been given opportunities to “represent” this summer.

After church ended, we had the family, church staff, and a few of Robert’s closest friends over for Sunday dinner. What could have turned into a complete “Martha-fest” stayed in the maintainable and simple range. I made sure to spend some solo time with God during the week and weekend. I implored others to help shop, prepare, set up, and serve for the 60 souls coming for tetrazzini, beans, and brownies. I had to make the meal simple. It didn’t start that way, but through my husband’s wise counsel I saw the potential error in my ways and changed the menu to manageable. I even had time to pamper and did a bit of sitting on the back porch throughout the weekend.

In case you would like to hear his sermon, here is a link to the church’s website where you may listen. Since it is Monday, the sermon may not be posted just yet, so keep checking back until you see on the right side the sermon from yesterday, July 19.

Tomorrow, we’ll pick up with the fifth letter and lesson in “simplify.” Until then…

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