A Sweet Ending

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Last night, I had the privilege of going with Valerie, David’s girlfriend, to watch her present her senior project final before a panel of judges. A year ago, she asked me if I would be her senior mentor. Her project? Desserts. Being a former home ec teacher and her being sweet on my son, I could not refuse.

So, we spent 25 hours together this summer and additional hours throughout the school year scouring cookbooks and honing skills on desserts ranging from bar cookies to start with to chocolate lace baskets filled with raspberry mousse (not mouse) for her grand finale. The latter she did completely on her own. She has learned to make a layer cake, crepes, cheesecake, homemade ice cream, and a fruit tart among other sugary confections. She had to compile 50 recipes into a cookbook and so she learned to use some cookbook software in the process as well.

She has been a faithful student and a sweet companion, pun intended, in the kitchen. It has been a blast to watch her gain confidence in the kitchen as we would don our monogrammed Vera Bradley aprons and get to work. It was fun, too.

It was a challenge for me, at times, to not interrupt her dates with David with recipes to peruse for the next time in the kitchen. He might say I failed on that end. I tried, though.

Congratulations, Valerie! You’ve done a great job.

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  1. What a blessing you have been to your boys special girls! And them to you!! I pray both of my children will find that when they get older!! I feel like the days are just flying by…too fast!!!!

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