Beans on Riding in Cars

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Hey, it’s Beans! Miss me? Not to worry. First of all, you’ll be glad to know that Robert made it back from his mountain man adventure…cold and tired with lots of pictures. We are all glad for his safe return and excellent photography skills.

David took a picture of me riding in the car in Highlands a couple of weeks ago. For a minute it felt like I was flying. I am a featherweight, so it was good that I had on my pink harness (a.k.a. “the pink bra”). Amy was holding on to me so I would live to write another post (secretly) on the blog. Please note the smile on my face.

The wind rushing through my ears was invigorating. There is nothing like fresh mountain air. Ask Robert. The world was flying by at such a pace that I could not keep my nose satisfied to light on just one scent. Maybe next time we should galavant around on a Sunday…you know, be Sunday drivers (passengers) and take it at a slower pace.

Here are some other suggestions for riding/driving in cars that may have life lessons:

– be courteous to those in other cars by not barking if they upset you

– all drivers prefer passengers that do not whine

– if you whistle through your nose, blow it to clear it out so as not to pester and distract the driver

– allow yourself to enjoy the ride but stop and smell the roses, too. If roses are not available or the driver won’t stop the car, enjoy the smell of the air coming out of the vents

– always give the driver enough advance notice for necessary stops (not blowing your nose so you can whistle through it helps in this case)

– know that the end of the trip is coming, make the most of your time in the car and out of it while on your trip

– get the seat that has sunshine in the winter and cool air in the summer

– take your clean blanket always…for drying off the rain or curling up under

-yawn many times when your ears are stopped up

Bye for now!

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