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This message is for the one who questions if she belongs to Christ Jesus.Belong

How do you know if you belong to Christ?

“Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” – Galatians 5:24 NASB

According to that Bible passage you can easily see that it involves you crucifying your flesh.

Let me say that Jesus’s payment on the cross for all sins (ie. us living in our flesh) was a once and for all time event.  Powerful.

You and me dying to our selfishness is a moment by moment thing because we know and believe what Jesus has already done.  But, we cannot embrace that easy believism and go about willy nilly living our lives as if His death meant nothing. That is professing, not possessing.

That is not belonging to Christ.

Specifically, when I am habitually allowing my flesh to control me rather than the Holy Spirit, I am in a pattern of living with my passions and desires reigning:

  • eating too much
  • making frivolous purchases
  • harboring resentment
  • spreading gossip
  • lusting
  • being self-centered
  • being critical of someone without love at the root
  • hating someone
  • coveting…

Seeing the passage above is easy.  Crucifying the flesh is not.

However, if I belong to Christ, I will hear and heed Him on this and I will crucify my flesh willingly even though it’s difficult, die to selfishness, repent of my sins, and walk forward freely rather than being enslaved to my sin. I will do this daily. It will be a habit. That is part of belonging to Him.

So, you and I can know we belong to Christ when it is more of our habit to crucify our flesh and its passions and live in light of the of the power of the cross in our lives.

To belong to Christ is to die to self.

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  1. How gracious of God that He gives us the desire and the power to do what He has called us to do. How gracious that He did not leave us sheep without a Shepherd or a prodigal without a Father. Have a beautiful week-end.

    • Cheri,
      Yes, He is our gracious God and I am so thankful He made a plan from the very beginning so that we would have a way to belong to Him through Jesus Christ’s atonement.

      Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Stopping by from FMF…glad I got a chance to visit! God bless you as you continue to grow in His grace that gives us the strength to crucify our flesh!

    • Elizabeth,
      Blessings on you today! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. amen, speak on.

    • Thank you for being such a faithful reader to so many of us FMF bloggers. I hope you have a blessed weekend!

  4. Now this is just goodness here > But, we cannot embrace that easy believism and go about willy nilly living our lives as if His death meant nothing. That is professing, not possessing. < There is so much truth there – sometimes a hard truth, but one that I want to be embracing every day. I desire a possessing, a surrendering of my spirit, and you're right, this is not the easy thing to do. But such a good reminder. Thank you, friend!

    • You’re right, Rebekah. It is not easy to follow this calling to a surrendered life. Thank God for the power of His Spirit who I dwells us so we can submit. And praise Him for reminders to encourage one another along the way. Be blessed in the belonging to Him.

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