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Update: Books are in at LifeWay AND Sanctuary.

Earlier, Amy wrote: My computer has been making me crazy and mainly when I want to get on Facebook, which, as my husband would tell you is waaaaay too often. I think he has prayed so that my attempts to veg out on Facebook will be thwarted or at least seriously handicapped so that I just give up in frustration.

I have come to terms with the fact that my computer is old and yet able to do some things that are valuable to me such as typing this blog post even though the page is not fully loaded and won’t be until about the fourth paragraph. I have learned its quirks and just know to type away in faith that my words will eventually show up and I can at that point come back to make corrections.

So, as I was working on teaching notes for this week and assignments for the next three yesterday morning, I did not venture onto the blog to post a thing.


LifeWay got the books for the Advent study in last Thursday and they are holding them at the register in my name. Not sure what I mean? Scroll down to Monday, October 19 and read all about it.

Sanctuary (also here in Columbus, GA) has ordered 40 instead of 20 and those should arrive this week. Call before you make the trek if you’re going to purchase from them so you don’t waste a trip. They are offering a discount, too.

We are set to kick off this adventure on November 9. I have been working on video additions to the blog and have some ideas for you to do this within small groups if you have the desire. Some of you have wanted to know if it’s feasible to do with a group and it is, it is! I’ll get some ideas out to you in the next few days. Hang in there.

The excitement has grown and now people who are overhearing others pick up their book in the bookstore are wanting to know how to reach the blog to get the instructions! Isn’t that exciting?


  1. YAY… can’t wait Amy !!!

  2. I think our local book stores need to stay in touch with our Columbus teachers of, “The Word” so they will always have the materials we need.

    Just a thought.

  3. Thanks for today – for your words of encouragement and wisdom! Sent the advent blog to at least 40 people a couple of weeks ago! Hearing that some are joining in! Sharing with my group in the am!
    Looking forward – Steph

  4. I’m excited about this study, Amy! What a wonderful idea. No schedule to work around, and everyone can participate! May God bless us all, and our families, as we honor Christmas this year. Kris

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