D is for Decisions

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PreviewDecision, decisions.

From the moment we were approached about showing our house to the couple who ended up buying it, we have been in the decision-making hubbub.

Check yes or no?

  • Should we consider selling it?
  • Should we let them look?
  • Should we start looking at houses?
  • Should we accept their offer?
  • Should we move?
  • Should we live in that house?
  • Should we consider an older house?
  • Should we close then?
  • Should we move in then?
  • Should we do this, that, the other?

One decision leads to another.  Had we never said yes to the first one, we’d not be in this blessed swirling of activity that leads to a need for being able to plan and implement quickly. For the teacher in me, quick decisions can be really hard. I kind of like to get my ducks in a row one by one and contemplate all my options. Some people might call that procrastinating. I call it being a pensive ponderer. (Hmmm, should have saved all those for “P”).

But to us, however, the first question was answered by God in His way of yes that sent two people our way who were intent on moving into the neighborhood where their children and grandchildren live that they were bold enough to ask if we would let them look at our house that wasn’t on the market since late 2011/early 2012.

People remembering things, like a random fact of neighbors who had tried to sell a house, but pulled it off the market. A young mom who happened to be in a Bible study with me and came over for brunch years ago and thought that our house wa31daysmovings the kind of house her parents would like one day. She remembered. All these were part of God’s preparation for a yes from us.

A house not on the market in 2011 when we thought we needed to move becomes available and has a price reduction just as we are serious about finding a house or else we can’t sell.

God’s preparations that funneled all the pieces into an amazing story that allowed us to confidently say yes.

Decisions can be hard. God must be at the center of them. Sometimes time for pondering isn’t available and the spontaneous life has to be lived. One giant leap of faith comes out from feet accustomed to steady and predictable steps.

What is my soul saying and how does my spirit respond? My soul seems to be dumbfounded. Of course I would feel that way. What a series of events. How gracious the new owners have been!  What a blessing!

My spirit wants to praise God. Here goes. God, You are so deliberate in Your plans and ways of orchestrating events. I celebrate Your deliberate ways today. Too, I am aware of someone who may be reading this today who has lost hope of your deliberateness in her family’s life. Intervene for her. Show her Your ways on her behalf today.

How have you seen God be deliberate in your own life? Please share. I love testimonies of His grace and goodness in others’ lives.

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