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FlyHere I am in yet another season of resting nesting. Bible study leading has concluded for a time as I figure out what God would have me do next with that dominant gift that effects who I am, what I do, how I think…and even how I rest.

My Bible study reading has grown rather routine (RUT-ine) because I seem to read to secure answers to questions in the lessons and to gather information for leading a discussion each week. It’s a rather dry spell for me. I am looking forward to drawing closer to the Trinity and lingering over passages with meditating on them in mind…learning the basics and profound just me in school with God.

Last week’s conclusion to three parts of four was bittersweet. No fanfare. No big deal. Just another day. Yet, when I returned home I McCauley Culkin style delightfully walk-ran through my house in celebration of a rest from the routine.

I’m preparing to fly in whatever God’s next is for me. I often type “empty nest” as “empty neXt” and the irony doesn’t flutter by my eye or my mind as I have wondered some almost four years now what God’s next is for me. I have thought my next was empty many times.

But, for now, the preparation includes resting from routine reading. Repentance has been a big thing this week…too sobering to write. It’s rather personal between me and God. Doodle praying in my journal has revealed much as I still process much of life past wondering about life future.

My God says He will launch me into full flight, but for now this lone eagle flying needs to sit down and rest.

As today would have it, the sweet soul of another is preparing to fly from her nest to lead the fourth part of this study and I am putting together a few tips for her with much thanksgiving for her answering the call to lead the ladies.

My first tip? Rest before flying.

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  1. Empty nest as empty next. Both a blessing and a curse?! I find value in resting to listen…those in between times can be something else. hugs FMF friend!

    • Thank you Casey. I’m enjoying the rest so far and I fully know God’s next is never empty. : )

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