For Patty…Some More on How to Share the Gospel, Part 2

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Well, today dawns and it will be full of opportunities to share Jesus with others.  What are you going to do about it?

For Patty’s sake, (see yesterday’s post if you’re wondering what’s going on), I want to line up a couple of scenarios.  One of those we will cover in depth based on my time in 1 Thessalonians and 1 Corinthians 15.

Scenario one – the lost soul you may never see again but with whom you have the nudge to share the gospel AND you only have about 5 minutes to do just that.  This could be the waiter/waitress, the flight attendant or passenger next to you on the plane, train, or bus; or the homeless man on the side of the road you have a hard time making eye contact with.  You get my point.  More than likely, you’ll never encounter this person again.

Scenario two – the lost soul with whom you see the need to share the gospel and who you will have numerous opportunities to share with over the course of a period of time.  This is someone with whom you can sense a bond through the Holy Spirit’s nudge.  You may not have too much in common outside of the situation like work or your next door neighbor.  You will see this person again and again.

We will focus on the second of the two scenarios.  By doing so, I think we’ll discover some ways to incorporate what we learn into that one….but faster.  : )

1 Thessalonians is a great epistle that Paul wrote to new Jewish believers of Christ.  When I look at Paul and his relationship with these people, I see a guy who really cared about these people.  He loved them.  How did he come to love them?  He spent time with them.

So, as a gospel sharer, I need to spend time with the one I sense God leading me toward.  I need to get to know that person and his/her likes or dislikes.  Being a woman, I would share with another woman because this one will be my friend and I do not want to give the appearance that the relationship is something it is not (to others or to that one) by establishing this type of friendship with a male.  Would I never share with a male?  No, but I would make sure my husband was part of the relationship were this other not part of my own family.

As I get to know the person, I can begin to see areas of weakness in their thoughts regarding God and Jesus.  This allows me to begin to pray for this person.  Praying is vital all along.  Pray that God would soften their hearts to receive the gospel.  Pray that God would open their eyes to recognize the truth of the gospel.  Pray that you would be bold and say the words He gives you in the power of the Holy Spirit.  In Paul’s life, he prayed and was attentive to the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Once he established the relationship with them, he prayed for them.

Set an example worth imitating.  Paul was such a follower of Christ and so confident of who he was in Christ that when he encountered testing and trials, he was able to handle those situations in such a way that he could encourage others to emulate his example in similar circumstances.  He would set such an example for these that he would hear of their examples being such for others after his departure from them.  Perhaps your friend lives a life involving certain habits you are not at liberty to be engaged in with them, this is the time to not be pious, but to explain why you must refrain from such.  Does this have to end the relationship?  No.  You are living a life where you are trying to be pleasing to the Lord.  They will see and take note over time.  Still maintain contact as the Spirit leads.

Well, those are a few notes from my quiet times in 1 Thessalonians chapter 1.

I hope you won’t mind if I pick this back up tomorrow with 1 Thessalonians 2.

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