For Patty…Some More on How to Share the Gospel, Part 3

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Welcome back.  Patty, are you out there?  Let me know.

So far, I’ve written about some vital elements to sharing the gospel with others.  They are:  spending time with the one, praying for them, and being an example to them.

Today, I am looking at 1 Thessalonians 2.  Again, my notes are from my summer quiet times in preparing for this study in the fall.  Read the passage.  Then, my comments will make more sense.

Did you read it? 

Watch your motives.  Most have pure motives on this, but if your desire to share the gospel is to get a pat on the back from Jesus, then maybe your motive is not quite right.  Our motivation is to please Jesus regarding the Great Commission, and it is also to share the reason for eternal life in heaven with someone.

Next, speak the gospel even when there is opposition to it.  So, if the person says, “That’s fine for you but not for me,” don’t shut down and stop sharing.  Keep sharing BUT, share gently and not with harsh words or agitation.  When they don’t get it or receive it, be patient.  Use lots of teachable moments to impart the gospel to them.

Remember that Satan is at work to prevent the gospel from being imparted.  You’ll face circumstances that frustrate you and cause you to doubt your sharing at all.  Make sure you are grounded in the truth of God’s Word and prayed up.

Consider that one day, those with whom you’ve shared the gospel and who believed it and live it, you will see not only tomorrow, but forever in heaven.  That may be some good motivation to not give up when the enemy strikes.

Since Paul is writing a letter to these converts, let me remind you that he stayed in touch with them after their salvation and he knew what was going on in their lives.  Paul had great follow-through.  Let us also follow-up with those we have the privilege of sharing and watching grow in Christ.  You may share the gospel.  They may become believers, but don’t leave them hanging.  Disciple them as much as is in your ability.  If you’re not a called teacher, find someone who is and ask them to meet with your new convert.  In the meantime, continue to love them and have a relationship with them.  Check on them.

At some point, I’ve already gotten into chapter 3 and my fingers are flying as the thoughts keep coming.

Come back tomorrow.  In the meantime, read 1 Thessalonians 3 and see what you find about leading the lost to Christ.

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